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Joot (played by Jooters)

Ah, summer. The season when kids are out of school, eating sugary sodas and ice cream, playing with each other at sleepovers, and the most fitting of all for the season: water balloon fights!
One such event was about to unfold at a small park in an equally small town filled with all sorts of people, human and anthro alike. Two cars drive into the parking lot of the park and out pops two excited kiddos both dressed in their best summer wear.
One of the cars were obviously a lot newer. The driver was a tall, brown furred rabbit woman with bright red hair, clad in a simple black, low cut dress. In her large ears lie a few golden earrings and piercings scattered throughout. She looked quite intimidating, with her face cold and rather emotionless, but not visibly upset. One could even sense a bit of happiness radiating from her.
Meanwhile, her kid was an entirely different case. Supremely fluffy and clad in a tie-dye tank top and black shorts, a small black cat with blue eyes and ears emerged from the back seat after his mother opened the door for him. His eyes sparkled with bright happiness as he gave his mother a hug as a thanks, her unmoving expression seeming to waver a bit.
The driver of the other, slightly older car was a Jolteon- A rather rare species to see in a town as small as this, seemingly still wearing his work clothes. His eye bags were almost comically large and dark, but he remained with a smile on his face. In the back seat sat a young eevee wearing a camo tank top with "Gamer at Work" printed on it and matching camo cargo shorts with the obvious shape of a 3ds bulging out of one of the pockets. The adult opened the door for him, causing the young 'vee to almost explode towards the feline who just got out of the other car, causing a chuckle to escape from his father.
"JOOT!" The eevee exclaimed, pulling the other into a hug.
"AXEL!" The cat exclaimed, joining in on the hugging.
The two kids haven't seen each other since school got out, and oh boy did they miss each other! The young Joot especially, spending most of his time indoors without much others to play with.
The parents exchanged glances, meanwhile. They don't necessarily dislike each other, it's just they were a bit too different to the other.
"Uh... Hello, Ami." The father said, trying to make things a bit less awkward. "Long time, no see..."
"... Yes, it's been a while, hasn't it, Cole?" Ami said.
"Hurry up and get the stuff out!" Axel whined. "You guys put up all those posters, and the time is almost here! What if someone comes and we've barely even got the balloons out!"
"W-wait- How many did you guys put up?!" Cole asked.
"Oh, I don't know..." Ami said, beginning to unpack. "We put them up all over town."
"Are you... Sure that's not a little dangerous?" Cole said. "What if someone comes to... Hurt them?"
"Oh, don't worry." Ami said. "... I will hurt them more, if they even lay a finger on the boys."
Cole was left speechless, mostly out of fear.


The hot sun shone down on the two families as they got out all their water fight stuff. Soon enough, everything was set up! Full super soakers stacked in a pile, a big tub full of water balloons, an uncountable amount of water guns. It seemed like a kid's perfect dream. However, Joot seemed a little quiet.
"Everything will be okay, Joots..." Ami said, crouched down to Joot's side as he faced the ground. "I know you don't like water, so if you really wanna sit out, you can..."
"B-but..." Joot stuttered. "But I wanna have fun..."
"Come on, Joot!" Axel exclaimed. "Maybe you'll learn to like it!"
"... Okay..." Joot said, looking up at Axel. "I'll try..."
"Don't feel bad if you end up wanting to sit out, okay?" Ami said softly.
"Come on! It's almost time!" Axel said, pulling Jooters' hand towards all the water stuff, himself already holding a super soaker while Joot sheepishly grabbed a water balloon.
Ami looked at Cole.
"Do you plan to play with them?" She asked.
Cole rubbed his neck as he tilted it up slightly to look at the taller woman. "Well uh... I'm a Jolteon, it's a bad idea to put me somewhere where there is a lot of water... How about you?"
Ami looked at him before herself grabbing a water balloon. "... Yes."
And so, the kids and Ami waited for the time to start the fight! All while Cole ate popsicles in the background.

(This is for the Summer Soiree! Please do not reply until that starts!)
(No magic, modern setting.)
Joot (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

((this is open now, btw!))
Tenebris Fraus (played anonymously)

As usual, Tenebris, the so-called meanie (according to Joot and Axel), arrived through a black portal that suddenly appeared in the thin-air Hellish Ink spilling out. Tenebris popped out, floating a foot above the ground before landing carefully on his boots, and the portal closed shut.

And also as usual, he ignored the Hellish Ink puddle.

"Hey! I saw your flyers!" Tenebris shouted over to Joot and Axel, running over to pile of super soakers and grabbed one. Tenebris, instead of using it right away however, swung it around, posing with it, before looking at the kids and Ami. "So, anyway, yeah I saw one of your flyers. And O' Neil insisted it was a good idea, so I came. I mean, I guess it is a good way to get over this summer heat." Tenebris shrugged.

Tenebris noticed Ami and raised a brow, "Oh, I don't believe we've met." Tenebris put down the super soaker and held out his hand, waiting for Ami to shake it, if she would. "I'm Tenebris Fraus, imp lawyer." Tenebris grinned, showing his sharp teeth. "It's nice to meet you, uhm.." Tenebris waited for Ami to introduce herself.
Joot (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

"... Ami." Ami said bluntly.
Jooters and Axel looked shocked as Tenebris appeared.
"HEY! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" Axel shouted. "Did you not read the poster?? In the corner, it said 'TENEBRIS IS NOT INVITED!'"
To prove his point, Axel pulled one out of his back pocket. In the corner, in probably the smallest font ever printed, it was indeed there. (why was it in in his pocket? idk don't ask me)

"Th- That's Tenebris?!" Cole exclaimed, almost falling out his chair in shock. "I- I thought he was, y'know, closer to your guys' age and not... A literal demon... Maybe letting you be friends with a sorcerer wasn't a good idea..."

Jooters, meanwhile looked even more anxious as he appeared.
Great... Joot thought. I'm gonna get all wet, and now Tenebris is here...
Tenebris Fraus (played anonymously)

Tenebris smiled, "Ami, yes, nice to meet you."

Then he turned his head to Axel.
Tenebris squinted at the poster, "I know I have enhanced sight, but damn." Tenebris stared at the small font.
"Oh well, sorry, I'm here now!" Tenebris snickered.

Tenebris glanced over to Cole and crossed his arms, "Hey! I'm not a demon! I'm an imp, there's a difference." Tenebris growled. "I'm really nice, honest, it's just that these two seem to think I'm a 'meanie', just because I pointed out I could hear them talking about me underneath their little blanket tent at that sleepover." Tenebris shrugged, taking a few steps forward towards Cole and held his hand out for a handshake, if Cole would accept it.
"Dad, I don't wanna play with Axel. He's always mean to Tenebris." Luke protested as he walked beside his father. "Cole is mean to Tenebris too"

"My advice would be to just play with Tenebris, Little Bear" the doctor responded.

Luke looked up at Todd and he sighed "I just wish they'd be nice to Tenebris. He's like Fumizuki's dad"
Jooters Topic Starter

((For personal reasons, I am closing this.))

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