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Mikhailo (played anonymously)

Clang, clang, clang, clang...

It's very possible that you're trying to beat the heat by stopping at your local ice cream parlor. It's a global heat wave, you know? Nowhere is safe. Not even the skyscrapers of this big city keep you shaded enough to avoid it. So you're giving in. Cute little shop, you've walked by it plenty of times. A little dated in design, and wedged between a convenience corner store and a McDonalds in a block that's starting to fall into disrepair, it's probably got maybe a few years left before they give in and you see that sad big CLOSED sign taped to it's glass door.

You step in, and it's nice. Really nice. Music's fitting.

There's a pair of employees. One's got this thousand yard stare that you aren't too sure sees anything at all, as if they're trying their hardest to not hunch over the screen of their cell phone playing a show in tinny crackling volume behind the plexiglass divider. The other... the other is off.

Grinning at you, Mikhailo's happy to belly up to the welcoming end of the clean white counter, juggle a metal scoop and flash a wink. His uniform hangs odd on bony shoulders and his smile too sharp. "Hey-ho, how can I do you for?" But it's the fact that scoop doesn't land in his palm that startles you. Falls right through.

The other employee startles, grimaces. "Mickey, go away." They gripe, before stepping into exactly where the blonde's standing, and he seems to smudge out of sight, scowl as he steps aside to come back into your eyeline, rolling his eyes while the living worker greets you. "Sorry about that. Ghost got bored or sick of breaking the ice cream machine next door, he'll leave if you ignore him. What can I get you?" Do you still want ice cream, or do you want to acknowledge the spook?

Modern Supernatural OCs, no canons please.
Happy to take this to PM if you vibe.

1-2 more characters max please!
I'm rusty with RPR forum RP.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously)

Kitsunebi had just returned from a lemonade stand and was happy to have some ice cream as well. Too many treats would be excessive in a negative way, but that was all just words. She had had lemonade, now she'd have ice cream.
"Greetings. Do you have...." She glanced at the scoop rattling on the floor. Was this customary here? "Chocolate chip coffee ice cream?"
If they didn't, she'd almost certainly go for any option of sorbet. As much as she liked to try new things, Kitsunebi also knew what she liked. And refreshingly sharp coffee with rich chocolate, or fruity delicate ice that melted into creamy liquid, were two options that sounded right right now.
Zoey (played anonymously)

Ice cream sounded amazing right about now. It was way too hot out and she'd been eyeballing this place for weeks now on her commute to and from her friend's house down the street. That said, it took no second thought to dip inside the dated little building. She smiled instantly as the music welcomed her, soaking in the nice decor as well. This... definitely could be worse, she decided, allowing those coffee-colored eyes to roam a bit further. The employees caught her attention next, and she couldn't help the knowing little smirk on her lips at the one on their phone. She was guilty of the same, watching videos even while on the clock when bored out of her mind during those painfully slow days at the coffee shop.

Zoey's brows quirked in amusement when the male winked, blinking as the scoop clattered to the floor rather than landing in his palm. Huh... "Um, hiya!" she waved regardless, attention flicking to the phone user when they told 'Mickey' to go away. Zoey blinked a few times in confusion, her brain doing its absolute best to make sense of what was going on. Did he just.. walk through...? "I'm sorry, did you say ghost?" she pressed, her attention dancing back and forth between the two. This was a first. If the other patron was still hanging about, she would give them a 'this is real, right?' type of look, before regaining control of her brain long enough to form an answer. "Oh! Sorry! Umm.. just a vanilla cone is fine. I'm simple, and it's hot, so I'm not the least bit picky," she offered.

Zoey glanced at 'Mickey' again, looking him up and down, "Is the ghost friendly?" Ignore him and he would leave, she was told, but he was kind of hard to just ignore.

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