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Dominic D'Angelo (played by Four)

Along the coast of Long Island a mansion sits across the pier from a lighthouse. during the week, the windows are darkened, no one moves around inside, and the only hint that anyone lives there is sometimes a yellow Rolls Royce can be seen leaving the driveway. On the weekends, however, starting as early as the rise of the sun, the party begins at the mansion. No one knows when or why the world came together to celebrate these extravagant and luxurious parties, but one thing is for sure not a single person is dissuaded from attending them. Guests show up in costumes from ball gowns, to faerie wings, to complete head to toe gimmicks looking so lifelike, some would wonder if they were actually real. However, no matter how many parties one person attends, they have yet to meet the mysterious and Elusive Gatsby.

There is, however, another attendee, that has showed up for every party. Dominic. It seems he takes the role as host in Gatsby's absence, greeting new comers, making people feel comfortable, and getting everyone involved in the events, which is mostly loud music, swimming, and partying. It's unclear why Dominic attends these parties himself, as aside from greeting the guests and being pleasant on the outside, he seems to have no real interest in them being around, and when talked about his origins seem to be as elusive as Gatsby's. One thing is for sure, however, if you are to propose a rumor of Gatsby as true or false, Dominic will have very strong opinions, as if he were trying to protect him...

Dominic walks the halls of the mansion today as the first few guests show up, and once he sees you, new, your first time to a Gatsby party, because he does not recognize you, he bee-lines, wanting to be the first to welcome you, "Hello. Welcome to West Egg. I'm Dominic, what brings you here?"


I know this is a little obnoxious but... Hey. Lol.

This is a 1920s high end luxurious (Summer) party. It's also very progressive, race, gender identity, sexuality, etc, is not frowned upon in anyway, it's all accepted, because Gatsby and Nick are a thing in the theatre of Four's mind. As Gatsby had many rumors circling him, and everyone has heard of him, so even if your character is from medieval Ireland, a Strange man (Gatsby or Dominic) Could've shown up and handed you an invitation, too. Any story you can create for your character to show up, cannot be disproven, because Gatsby is not in attendance, anyway. Gatsby is an interdimensional being, and has rumors about him circling the universe and beyond.

Dominic, in this instance, is Nick's replacement, and is in love with Gatsby, so. He's gathering all the information he can to write the man's story, and hopefully actually get to meet him one day.

Really though, you can just show up for the party, and Dominic may be considered the host, I just put some effort into the backstories there for some added drama, so if you try to tell him you heard some rumor's about Gatsby Dominic will either be intrigued or immediately start trying to disprove it himself, offended that the love of his life has been apart of such preposterous rumors.

Or just come for the juice bar and fireworks. lol
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

The cool beige color of her dress clung to her frame as the woman entered the elaborate halls of the manor. Skeptical hues admired the detailing of the interior. It mirrored some of the many elaborate parties she had attended in her brief time in fame. Decorative elements like this had seemed far beyond her- a time much too far indicated at how uncomfortable this dress had become on her. Alas it was the only one she had that slightly matched the occasion, with its detailed olive beading that reminded her of the beautiful art deco art from the 20s. Her long dark locs draped down her back, a small clutch to her side as her heels clacked down the hall.

So this is where the great Gatsby held his events?

Perhaps it would have been better to come with company, yet Ashti came alone. That's how she normally did it. Her expression a continously blank slate as she searched the unfamiliar faces- including the one that came up to her. Someone in a well dressed suit. For some reason his face felt familiar- for whenever Gatsby was mentioned this face came to mind. It was the only face she could connect it to. The great host for all Gatsby's parties.

"Thank you for having me." She tried to sound calm and collected, though she could hardly keep her gaze connected. "Purely curious. An invitation ended up outside my shop...and I thought i'd attend. You haven't lived until you've attended one of Gatsby's they say." She was rambling. She always rambled when nervous. Clearing her throat she put on a professional persona- the one that helped her so many times while on stage. "I thought maybe I know him?" She mused. "Or is it too much to seek an audience with Gatsby? I was called to sing...figured I'd meet my employer."


If it's imposing too much to say she would be a singer then nevermind lol. Just thought its a way to connect her.
Dominic D'Angelo (played by Four) Topic Starter

Dominic kept his expression tight and straightened up the moment the guest mentioned Gatsby. Of course he thought wryly, You think you're important enough to just walk in like you know him.

"Quite right," Dominic finally replied after his inner monologuing, forcing a smile, "You said... an invitation?"

The Host rudely stuck out his hand, as if she was expected to provide it when most of the guests showed up any time of day, half of them not having the first idea of who the house belonged to.

It was clear there was very loose organisation of partying - people were dressed in all kinds, from flowy summer dresses, to costumes that would've probably been more suitable for winter holidays, but kept in the cool shade of the home rather than out by the pool. It was like a mix of the most important, and least exceptional citizens of long island all wrapped up into one party, so why would this person who Dominic had never heard of be so important as to receive an invitation as well.

The thought crossed his mind he had no right to such thing, and he limply dropped his hand as the woman stated why she was invited - a singer. That was different from his own invitation so many year before - it was a special guest request, as if they'd actually meet, but he wasn't asked to do anything specific. He didn't recognize her, but she must be somewhat well known to receive an invitation for entertainment.

"Oh!" Dominic's entire face changed from cautious kindness, to pure welcoming. Perhaps if he'd help her get attention of most of the party goers, Gatsby would bother to attend his own soiree, "Right I heard about you . Come this way." Dominic would get her set up over a stage in the back of the mansion, "I'm sure he'll be here shortly, he really can't have gone too far..." And just like that the party host would be at the woman's beck and call.

//mmm I actually love your character, I've seen your LFRP ad a few times, but was unable to follow through for one reason or another. Anything goes, I just thought a nice 20s summer party would fit the vibe haha.
"Pearl, Just.. Pearl is fine..."

From the morning mimosas to the very last piece of glittering confetti fluttering in the wake of a broom, a rotating cast of staff ensured the party kept going smoothly to Dominic's quite specific and detailed requests, which included a list of noted likings.
They could be seen mingling and escorting guests all over the house, patiently tidying up from party and social chaos, refreshing drinks, offering snacks, fresh warm towels, directions to places for sunning and even shade leisure!!! Much of their time was spent checking in on guests who lounged casually (and some who seemed a bit haphazard) through the delirium of these theatrically extravagant weekend-long soirees.
Day in and Out and again!

The staff were encouraged to artfully adorn themselves in exciting and unique costumery for every single party!!!!
My Goodness, was everyone absolutely serving!
Exciting, Daring, Variety, Whimsy!!!! Always encouraged & dished out by fashionable and vibrant Guests & the dedicated staff, performers & artists alike! Such Decadence and Luxury!

Pearl, in an attempt to make a fashionable statement as moving art and to be somewhat innocuous to the environment... the slender sun-kissed woman draped her figure in sheer materials detailed by delicate golden stitching, pearls and golden charms...
She's like a soft pink and gold gossamer flower petal.

Drifting gently through the crowds, she's offering fresh cups of summer berries and sweet citrus champagne to the guests.

Occasionally, Pearl will check on Dominic to be sure he is comfortable during the long weekends of theatrical, sumptuous, and romantic summer soiree delirium.
And Drama!!! Oh, The possible gossip!

Her enormous green eyes are lined at the top lid with a dramatic swoop of thick dark liner into a severe wing shape, making her eyes quite BIG.

She spots the beautiful miss Ashti Rodgers and Dominic, her face instantly lighting up! She couldn't help herself!
Pearl drifts over, politely excusing herself as she joins the two, "Yes, Indeed, a great talent Dominic, sir!" She's politely lowering her silver tray to the vision of a woman. "Refreshments, miss Rodgers?" It was almost flirtatious!

She would linger, but only so long as people around wanted champagne... and she would drift away to refresh her supply often!

"Please, excuse me, but let me know if you do need anything, Miss Rodgers..."
Smiling genuinely to the host, but reluctant to look away from Miss Rodgers, Pearl raises her brows at him, "Mr D'Angelo? You are well, I hope? Shall I fetch you anything special?"
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

No master at reading subtle tones and faces, yet even Ashti found her brow raising at the hosts' infliction of voice and cautious speech. When the hand was held out Ashti's annoyance might have been clear in her own, subtle, way. Nevertheless she went to open her clutch only for Dominic's tone to change- and for a brightly and wonderfully dressed person to approach. Unfortunately Dominic's sudden enthusiasm was lost as the woman beheld the drink handed to her. How could she deny?

"Do you serve the drinks? Yes- I'll be needing you alot this evening actually." Hues glanced to the curious "host" as the trio presumably followed towards the stage. Rodgers found the crowd colorful and fun. It only made her wonder about this mysterious Gatsby...and made her think this devious yet innocent lie wouldn't be found out.

Ashti had been on many stages, and while this one wasn't the largest she's stood on it was the most decorative- the rugs that painted the stage fit the Era the party was themed after. Ornate decorative elements such as shades and pearls painted it and glimmered in the light. Why...simply approaching it made Ashti feel like a queen. Now she really wanted to meet this Gasby. Plush lips sipped from the glass. The taste was divine. "I'll need more of this. Thanks. What's your name?" Ashti mentioned to Pearline, a smirk painting her lips as she admired the unique attire. Pearl made her feel underdressed.

Nevertheless she stepped forward, her heels glittering under the spotlight. "And for you, Mister invitation." Ashti mused as she went to set the mic up. "I'll need an audience."
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

((Well I appreciate you liking her!! Thanks so much :)

I wish I had apple so I could do that doll thing! I just Google it and this is kinda what her dress would look like. Maybe a longer train? il_794xN.5587756146_53jf.jpg ))
Ashti Rodgers wrote:
((STUNNER! I think Pearl is in love! She's fan-girling for sure!))
(( not 100% sure if these still work: it might also be on deviant art- . ))
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

((Waah thank you! I actually really love the 20's from an aesthetic point of view. I'll have to try those out! Never thought of using dress up games to explain my outfits :) ))
Dominic D'Angelo (played by Four) Topic Starter

Dominic raised an eyebrow at Pearl, upon recognizing her offered a polite bow, and gratefully accepted a drink, "Pearl, wonderful to see you as always."

Thankfully she did know the singer and Dominic took another step back to let the two converse, realizing Pearl knew her as a fan, rather than a personal friend. The host took a deep breath and let the two intermingle for a moment, Pearl always being much more welcoming with the party favors. Well, Dominic was welcoming but not when others thought they were entitled to his Gatsby.

The jealousy beast grew but he kept content with the girls flirtatious exchanging of words. Dominic swirled his drink around before taking a large gulp of the sweet liquid.

"I'm just fine, thank you." He nodded to Pearl.

Mr. Invitation Who does she think she is....

Dominic raised an eyebrow and twirled in a grand gesture to the party guests - laughing, crying, drinking, dancing, and all moves in between - Then after a complete circle he stopped to stare down Miss Ashti, "Play well enough, and you might get one."

//Not good with clothes - Mr. Dominic is in a suit, and more concerned with everyone's integrity than looks BUT. I think they look amazing :D. Did miss an opportunity for him to bring out the sequins thouigh. :(
(( IN WHICH DOMINIC CHOOSES A LAST NAME AFTER THE HELP ADDRESSES HIM!!!! :-) I'm just razzing you, I love you!!!! ))

Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

Lip curling in dismay Ashti tried to hide her annoyance with Dominic's remark by finishing her drink and handing the empty glass to Pearline. Ashti gave the mic a small tap. Lips parted to start singing when the woman froze. What should she sing? What kind of mood? How long had it been since she sang infront of people? God she hadn't even warmed up. The woman stepped back as if looking for something, turning her back to the two as she studied the further decor of the stage. There was a grand piano hidden behind an extravagant lap and pearls. She hadn't even seen that. Maybe that was the move? She could play piano...well it'd been years since she touched the keys.

No, a mistake there would be obvious.

Ashti was starting to doubt her abilities to pull this off. Did she really need to meet Gatsby? Would it really help her? Ashti was reconsidering before glancing at a golden encrested mirror. The beads of her dress glimmered in the light and those fearful yet beautiful eyes looked bacj at her. They admired her. She admired the way she looked.

She could do this!

Ashti took a deep breath, did a few more vocal warm-ups and was back to the mic. Her hands naturally fitted around the stand as she further adjusted it and soon the room was filled with a voice. A humm at first but eventually a song held together purely by her voice.

Young and Beautiful- a cover by Ashti.
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

(( Could always bring in a sequin head scarf 😎))
"Fortune smiles on you, I happen to do just that, Miss Rodgers!" She winks at her, a cheeky smile plastered to her mouth.
"May I bring you anything special? We have a fine selection."

During the parties on these hot summer weekends, the house belonged to everyone here! Entertainers & Guests alike: all people, all walks, all origins who came and danced and loved and celebrated whatever this was..? Desperate extravagance?
The only way to feel?
An endless display of power & money?
Genuine and Grand Romantic gestures, like elegant society performance.
Whatever it was, it was captivating!
Truly enigmatic when you think about the frequency and sheer AMOUNTS of it all.
Just as Gatsby and D'Angelo themselves were!

Beautiful and lonely aristocrats. Bright Young Things, Dreamers, Artists, Philosophers, New Money, Old Money, Lovers, Hustlers all trying to survive. To find their place. All joined together in this extravagant display of wealth's freedom to indulge in all the joys of humanity.
Delirious and Playful and Free!

"You are Absolutely Welcome, Miss Rodgers! I'm pleased!" The small redhead appeared genuinely tickled and it was clear that she was trying to tone down her star-struck admiration.

Still, she had an important job to do!
At this moment, right between them, several pink & yellow ombre down feathers drift from an enormous feather boa draped from one elbow to the other. Pearl has been trailing the tiny feathers every few yards wherever she went.

If Dominic was smart, he KNEW this boa was for him. Pearl had been repeatedly strong-arming him into having a little harmless fun! Like a big beautiful boa to draw his heart's eye! The colorful feathers fade from one hue into the other and back, each end weighed the wispy accessory down with a matching, beautifully beaded tassel.

"I'll bring it to you all weekend, if you're staying?" Pearl's smile is full of playful allure, as if she didn't know the answer already.
"Thank you so much for joining us! I'm Pearl, and I will be happy to make your stay comfortable. And, may I say, you are stunning!" Without flamboyant distractions, the revelers could admire the entirety of the enchanting Ashti Rodgers and her performance. Pearl looked her up and down, delighting both in her beauty and her glittering shoes!

As Ms Rodgers declared she needs an audience Pearl is also looking, excitedly, to Mr D'Angelo. She had faith everything would be perfect under the thorough surveillance of his seemingly aloof gaze.

"Thank you, Dominic." She becomes a bit casual here.
"I have something for you!" Her smile is unending, pure sunshine! Unfettered joy!
The small ginger offers him her serving platter, as if to say, 'If you'll hold this, please.' More pink & yellow down feathers float around, landing in one of the champagne cups. When he accepts, she places the boa over his shoulders, kissing his cheek.
She takes the tray back from him, remaining close to accept any requests from Ashti.

Pearl nods to Dominic's polite dismissal, lingering as he & Miss Rodgers engage in their intricate society navigations. Pearl watches with interest, dutifully accepting the dramatic glass hand-off from Ashti with a nod. Her gaze follows the woman, watching her thoughtful walkabout as down feathers float about in her wake.

When she settles on Young and Beautiful Pearl's breath catches... Anyone can see her feel the pure heartbreak. She hurries off to get cool water and more champagne, sans feathers which are now Mr D'Angelo's problem!!!
Dominic D'Angelo (played by Four) Topic Starter

Dominic tried to avoid the boa being wrapped around him, but Pearl leaves it effortlessly as if it were her whole mission in life to do so and pulled it off without flaw.

The host shrugged, and wrapped the vibrant boa around his rather, now much more obviously plain, dark suit as Ashti did a mic check. Pearl seemed to be in love, star struck across all accounts.

Ashti cleared her throat and opened her mouth to sing, and to Dominic's smug surprise, she stopped before a note left her mouth.

Boa going from one hand to the other, he left the stage, then turned to face the woman, crossing his arms with a triumphant smile. It was a good thing she didn't meet Gatsby first, this would've been embarrassing.

Not many were watching her yet, caught up in their own affairs as Ashti seemed to contemplate her next move.

Dominic rolled his eyes, and started towards the back of the crowd, knowing just what the singer's outcome would be, but just as he started his steps, the music began, and he turned to Ashti had pulled her confidence, and began to sing.

To his horror, it was beautiful.

Almost immediately she garnered attention, eyes all over the hall were looking towards the sound of the music, and people started dancing, not freely now but to the sound of her song.

Dominic eyed the balcony's seeing if he could make out Gatsby anywhere, wondering if he'd decided to make an appearance at all - but nothing.

At least there was that. He didn't need her getting his attention as easily as everyone elses.

As the song came to a close, Dominic frowned, and started clapping with the rest of them, approaching Ashti again, "Just who are you, then?" Dominic asked the singer, "Clearly no ordinary attendee..."
Dominic D'Angelo (played by Four) Topic Starter

//Forgot the ooc. Yellow and pink sequins I'll take it. I think I got the order things happened backwards, so much apologies :D
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

Ashti found her long lashes closing as she lost herself in the song. She felt it so richly, deeply- the tale relating to herself in more ways then one. It didn't matter at this point if anyone else was listening- Ashti was singing to her hopes, her hurts; herself. The gentle yet steady applause broke her from her trance and she could see the crowd that had formed. How long had it been since anyone stopped to look at her like this?

The feeling was bittersweet.

Ashti exhaled a chuckle in her surprise, dabbing at her eyes which tried to search the crowd through the blinding spotlights. She couldn't make out first. Eventually she saw the happy sunshine Pearl making her way towards the stage. Was that more champagne she saw on the tray? From beside her, Ashti could hear Dominic's voice. Was that agitation laced in his voice?

The woman grinned, those brown eyes perhaps glimmering in the light. "I'm Gatsby's singer." Ashti cooed in reply before taking the mic from it's stand. She began to sing another song- one more upbeat. A shift, no doubt. Yet she sang with her heart. Her heels carried her along the stage as she sang and the air filled with a different sound, a different energy. One she hoped would garner her hopes attention.

Ashti would hold her hand out at her song came to an end, hoping to swipe a drink from Pearl as she drew closer and offering the happy person a wink and the boa wearing host a sly grin.
Ashti Rodgers (played by Kotomi657)

((I'm so sad we only have a week left. I'm trying to respond as fast as I can lol 🥹))
((I dare say we can continue outside this to at least complete the evening / weekend? Does this topic close? We can also move it into a message or a forum with all participants?
Cause, I'm loving itttt!!!))

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