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I play this mobile gacha game called Love Nikki, which is basically an ultimate dress up game rpg hybrid with way too many microtransactions. In the game, there is a feature called "Star Stylists", which basically tell you the styles that that character excels in modeling on a scale from SS to F. So, I decided to give my own ocs their own Star Stylist stats!

Here's Joot's,
Cute: SS - Excels at this style due to his natural cuteness
Pure: SS - Small size, big eyes, and cuteness give him natural innocence
Lively: SS - Goes hand in hand with cuteness, no?
Elegant: S - Subtle, sweet clothes are a favorite
Gorgeous: S - Big, pretty dresses and clothes!
Simple: A - He looks simple, why not lean into it?
Cool: A - Prefers cooler clothing due to his natural fluff
Warm: B - While he loves fluffy clothes, he tends to sweat heavily
Sexy: C - Hard to look sexy when you're a cute kitty, but black cats carry a natural sexiness with them
Mature: F - Little baby man, would look ridiculous in mature clothing

Now, how about you try?

Gorgeous: Big, in your face. Think ball gowns, studded leather jackets, and high fantasy designs. Opposite style to simple.
Simple: Simple, duh. Not too flashy or over designed. Everyday wear would go under this, like t-shirts, vests, etc. Opposite style to gorgeous.
Elegant: Subtle, beautiful designs with a sense of maturity. Long, flowy dresses, suits, you get the picture. Opposite style to lively.
Lively: Energetic and cute. Anything that would stand out from a crowd would go here! Opposite style to elegant.
Mature: Cool, and... Well, mature designs! Rappers, assassins, and office ladies would all fit under here. Opposite style to cute.
Cute: Cute, sweet, and unserious style. Pretty sure this one is self explanatory. Opposite Style to mature.
Sexy: Cool, dark, attractive. If your character wears a lot of black, they'd probably do well here. Opposite style to pure.
Pure: Innocent and, well, pure style. School uniforms, traditional Asian style clothing, and childrens clothes would all go here. Opposite style to sexy.
Warm: Winter or Autumn wear. Opposite to cool
Cool: Summer or spring wear. Opposite style to warm.
Ciel (played anonymously)

Gorgeous: S -- Does wear elaborate outfits at some times, this rank could probably go up if he were to wear that pink dress guise.
Simple: B -- He only relies on simplistic clothing when in guises, such as during the Jack The Ripper arc
Elegant: SS -- This rank describes Ciel the most, but would probably go down if wearing the pink dress guise
Lively: B -- The same description as I specified for "Gorgeous"
Mature: A -- His coats, vests, top hats and canes and such could apply to this rank.
Cute: A -- While he wouldn't admit it, some outfits he looks really adorable in.
Sexy: ? -- Not really comfortable applying this rank to Ciel. But he does wear a lot of black and darker clothing.
Pure: A -- As he is a child, he does wear Children's clothes. This rank could probably go up when he was younger and wore sailor uniforms.
Warm: B -- Honestly quite neutral, because victorian clothing had a lot of layers regardless
Cool: B -- Honestly quite neutral, because victorian clothing had a lot of layers regardless
Rhith (played by LunarValravn)

Gorgeous: SS If it ain't gorgeous, he isn't at his best. This is what he usually wears.

Simple: C Not his style. Too dull and unfathomable to him.

Elegant: SS As a model, he showcases many elegant outfits and delights in it. .

Lively: S More energetic than cute for Rhith. By night, if he isn't working or enjoying some of his favorite pastimes, he'll get himself rave ready and party.

Mature: A Politics and high end parties have ensured he knows how to dress professionally. Suits and ties aren't seen on him unless the situation demands but he still loves wearing them and knows how to make them wild.

Cute: B Not a style you'll catch him in often but when he does decide to put on a little skirt or bow, he wears it well.
Opposite Style to mature.

Sexy: SS Who needs clothes when one's fur is black? While he wears a lot of black, put him in a harness and collar and he'll flaunt his style with pride.

Pure: C A style he doesn't appreciate and avoids but does wear uniforms well.

Warm: F He wouldn't even know where to begin. Winter doesn't exist in his world.

Cool: B With a touch of sass, he's all for wearing cool fabrics and styles must be stylish.

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