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I'm opening commissions to make miniature polymer clay figurines (potentially of your character(s) if you're reading this!). Figurines are about an inch and a half to two inches tall. You show me your character and pick one object for the character to hold or have on them, and I make them. I might have to simplify the outfit a bit depending on how detailed the drawing is.

I can make humans/humanoids, but I can't do furries, sorry.

Price information
80$ USD for a custom miniature (shipping to the US or Canada included).
If you'd like more than one miniature and they're going to the same address, the second will be cheaper since shipping will already be covered.
Because these require physical material to make, I'm requesting payment upfront (via paypal).

Cast of The Sandman:

Commission of NoSleep Podcast Authors:

Commission of person's family:

Hosts of Reddit on Wiki:

If you're interested, feel free to DM me or reply to this post. :) In the meantime, fair winds and following seas, y'all!
Manen makes incredible clay works! I love his figurines, he always does exceptional work! I highly recommend this to anyone wants a fun physical representation of their character!

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