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Zoey (played anonymously)

Grab your glowsticks folks!!
"Come one, come all to the Blackout Bar! Join us for loud music, good food, and of course... FOAM. That's right, we've rented out some foam cannons and turned our bar into a sudsy wonderland! Bring just yourself, or bring some friends! Per our usual dress code, masquerade masks are also optional, but not required."

OOC: This is a modern-day era event, but all creatures are welcome! Following the directions of the flyer, you step through black double doors with silver knobs, and the very first thing you lay eyes on is the glow sticks everywhere, not to mention the waist-deep sea of foam. Those glowsticks are on patrons' wrists, around their necks, tied in their hair, or even dangling from outfits. The music blares from a DJ booth, where a man in a masquerade mask and black tux is grinning ear to ear. Did you just see fangs? Perhaps you did, considering this place is also a local vampire hot spot. The lights are all out apart from black lights that give off a velvet glow. Welcome to the Blackout Bar.

Those flyers were nearly everywhere, some of them were even shoved into the mailboxes of unsuspecting residents. Zoey herself had found one stuck to the window of a local store, and curiosity got the better of her. Foam meant wet, so she opted for a black polka dot bikini under her white t-shirt and cutoff denim shorts for comfort. She had found a lace masquerade mask from a previous Halloween party and tied it on before entering the building. Immediately, the woman was met with foam that tried its best to spill out of the door. She squealed and hurried inside, shutting the door behind her unless there were others out there. The foam swallowed her up rather quickly, coming up to the shorty's mid-torso, but that didn't stop her from shoving through it to venture further inside.

The music was calm at the moment, but it didn't halt the giggling and banter of the others inside as they threw handfuls of foam at one another. Zoey smiled brightly, glancing around to see if she could spot someone to hang with.

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