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I was one of the first hundred accounts made, months and months ago. In the time since I've registered, the site has yet to progress in the direction I want.

Which is to say, I was hoping the RPRepository would progress in a format similar to or other dating sites, where all the sweet, sweet loving I could ever want would be made possible just by pressing a button and seeing all characters willing to get busy with mine.

As such, I've decided to start up my own rival website until Safiye gets her act together and you are all free to peruse it as you desire, named after what I think the RP Repository needs most - a cure to the infection currently inhabiting it.

So come on down and visit the RP Suppository: Bend Over And Take It.

That tagline might need some work.

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It's a damn shame F-List and RH beat you to it!
Kim Site Admin

OH MAN I wish I'd had that idea. :( :( :(

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