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Greetings all! So I thought I would try and do a few RPs with my lovely guy Dameon even though I will probably be quite slow in replies. So if you don't mind slow replies that's awesome! XD

To those that I was currently RPing with Dameon before I took my hiatus, if you wish to continue where we left off or even perhaps just start a new just PM me. <3

Now to the topic!!! ^_^ I am seeking some juicy unique Yaoi plots that I haven't done with my lovely Incubus before. Dameon is SUBMISIVE & will NOT be taking dominate role!! I am open to all ideas but here are a few examples: BDSM themes, Kidnaping situation where Dameon is kidnapped and then used as a slave or etc.., One night stand at a bar where Dameon & a straight guy get a little to intoxicated and ends up sleeping together, and so on! There are no bad ideas so if you have any shoot them at me! XD

Seeking only Dominate Males of any species! Also RPs will be through PM and WILL contain Mature/Adult themes if you don't like that then don't RP with me. Also you must be able to reply with at least one to multiple paragraphs every time!

Hope to hear from some of you soon! <3 :3
I have a few dom sub plots that can work for yaoi or any gender mix would you like to have them?
Still seeking!
--My little bad boy would do well, I think.--

If interested please PM me with a plot idea and some things about your character as well as what you like in RPs and what you can't stand.
Still Seeking!

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