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He sat quietly in the cockpit of the Sith Shadow in silence starring into the vastness of space blankly. A low sigh emitted from his lips as he found himself lost in thought. He had no clue what he should do anymore as his two main targets had been rid of. Darth Vader and the Emporer had both fallen and the Empire had collapsed in upon itself. After a moment he leaned forward over the controls of his ship and began pressing buttons and flipping switches.

"When in doubt, it never hurts to visit the Jedi Temple again."

He then fell silent once more as he set the coordinates for Coruscant and sat back as his ship kicked into light speed. Later he arrived landing the ship silently on the landing pad. He silently got out and looked at the temple for a moment as reconstruction to regain it's former glory had been under works since the fall of the empire. He mumbled a bit as he made his way inside.

"Luke Skywalker...Where are you at now? And why is it seem to be such a difficult choice for me to join you and rebuild the Jedi since the Empire has fallen...?"

He then muttered a bit as he navigated the halls and headed to the Jedi Council chamber.
Samara (played by Rubix)

Samara was in the temple delivering a force sensitive child she'd recognized and tested in her small sector of the world. As a watchman she was rarely away from her sector so she was taking the time to re-explore the temple.

Currently the tall red skinned Falleen woman was in the Council Chamber staring out it's window at the world below. She sighed and closed her yellow eyes, she really despised being near so many people but she had a duty to perform. Hanging loosely at her hip was the grip of her lightfoil, but she kept a hand around it at all times.
Adam Reston (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

The door to the council chamber would slide open as Adam neared it. Looking about he smiled a bit rather enjoying how reconstruction had progressed. He then noticed Samara and quietly approached. As he neared he would rub his chin as he spoke outloud.

"New statue? Interesting."

He would then go and sit in the middle of the chamber as he closed his eyes falling into a state of meditation.
Samara (played by Rubix)

Samara's head tilted to gaze through her periphery at Adam, taking in a breath she exhaled slowly. "No statue. Can I aide you in anything sir?" But the man was going to meditate and so she'll drag her eyes back to the window. Samara was a wallflower, quiet in nature but she wasn't leaving her position. Not unless she was directed to anyway.
Adam Reston (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He would open one eye and stare at her blankly for a moment before he spoke.

"Yeah...first don't call me 'sir'. Two. Explain your reasoning for your presence here. Last I checked only Jedi were allowed in these chambers and I know for a fact all but a few were eradicated on Order 66 many years ago and the remaining few were systematically hunted down. And right this moment, I can only think of 2 still alive and you aren't one of them. So again I ask...explain yourself."

Instead of meditating he opted to stand back up and stare at her in silence awaiting her response quietly.
Samara (played by Rubix)

Samara watched him still out of her periphery. She didn't turn to face him as he spoke, she didn't feel the need to. Her fingers tapped lightly against her lightfoil hilt and her eyes took everything in stride.

"Then, under your reasoning to be here I must in fact be a jedi. Your question is already answered." She could see him standing now and her grip tightened a bit on the grip.

"As a warden of a distant system I have little use of people knowing who I am. And very little use of being here unless summoned. And my job does not include answering to you, so if you're quite through asking questions that have the answer in them I'll go about my business and you'll go about your's."
Adam Reston (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He would smirk a bit at her response as he shrugged.

"Jedi are wise and, at times, seemingly all knowing. This you appear to not be. Because my saying that only Jedi are allowed in these chambers does not mean you are one just because you are here. Why? Because if there are only two Jedi left that I'm aware of, then there would have been no one to stop you from entering upon your own accord. Ergo your presence here doesn't mean you are one. But under the same circumstances, I will admit this does not mean I am one either."

His eyes would then gaze at her weapon in momentary silence before he spoke again.

"And your Possesion of a weapon doesn't mean it either. You could have just happened upon it for all I know. Right this second there is no solid proof of you being one. Would you like to try another path of reasoning? Or am I correct? I'm sure if you really are what you claim, you can find some way to prove it to me..."

He would then push aside a portion of his half trench coat revealing three lightsabers at his own side and silently placed his hand on one of them as he waited for her response.
Samara (played by Rubix)

Samara watched him as he spoke, "Hmmm." She didn't interrupt him at all but when he showed off his weapsons she snorted, "I've never known a Jedi to need three weapons, or four I suppose because a Jedi's mind is far and vastly more powerful than any of those in your coat."

She was urged to prove it to him and so she would have to in some form or another, "Mind your eyes."

That's all she said before a flash of light appeared for a mere second, it was blinding but any force user should have felt what source that came from. Perhaps Adam would be temporarily blinded, but she wouldn't use it to make a move. She'd still be standing there with her arms folded across her chest and one lingering hand on the hilt of her lightfoil.
Adam Reston (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

As the light would fade, Adam's eyes would be closed and a small smirk on his face.

"A Jedi needs not eyes to see. He can see with the force. As for why so many weapons...well it is better to have them and not need them than need em and not have em."

He then chuckled lightly as he opened his eyes.

"At least you seem to know how to control the force. Better than Me I admit. But my lack of proper control is due to lack of formal training. I would ask you to rectify that but if your just a watchman, then I don't think you would be able to properly train someone at the erratic level that I am. But you may be able to help me find someone. All my attempts to find a proper master have ended in failure. I've searched for Master Rahm Kota mostly. But I've tried seeking any Jedi who I felt was note worthy enough to train me. My most recent choice to seek being a Luke Skywalker who I discovered is the son of the former Darth Vader. You help me find him, then maybe I'll acknowledge your claim to be a Jedi but right now your still...borderlining."

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