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Nico Nightengale (played by jyoshi)

On a deserted island Nico was punished by the gods. He was sentenced to live on an island with an unknown destination. It is full of danger and death, but nico has survived it for 9 years. What would make it harder for him? Well, today is the first day of the tenth year and the gods have sent him a glorious gift.

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Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

The life of Jarvis was simple. He didn't do much except steal from others to survive. He was called the king of thiefs. His life was great, until his pride got the better of him, he stole the offerings of the gods. All went well untill he got caught. "how dare you come into my palace and stel my offerings!" shouted the enraged god." You have done bad things in your life but this really ticked me off"

"please let me go I'm just a theaf I needed the food"
"Ho and I suppose you also neaded that golden bracelet and that diamond necklace"
"please sir have pity on a loanly thief"
There was a pause. The got had bean thinking for a while. " I know you won't die today, but you shall be punished"
" I thank you my lord."
" but when I'm done you would wish for you death, I'm sending you to a deserted island, you will find an old friend there, this is his tenth year there. The poor thing will bee so happy to have company after what's waiting for him"
King Nimbala (played by Warwick)

A colorful rip in the sky appears over the island, the rip is a portal of reds blue violets and greens. A large silhouette drops down from the portal hitting the ground with a thud sending dirt flying through the tree tops. The gods have sent their present.

The most Malicious being they could pull from the belly of the underworld. The bane of kings, Slayer of heroes, and the creator of nightmares. King Nimbala High king of demons, The gods have promised him free reign over all of humanity once the people on this Island have been dealt with. The trees begin to fall as the Demon king begins slashing at them with his battle axe.

With the fury of a herd of stampeding elephants he rushes towards the banished ones.
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda gripped her swords hilt and watched as the demon god slashed through trees and lumbered around like a badger.
Cuda had been here for many years. Longer than a human life, she had not been banished here. In fact, she had found this place and inhabited it many years ago. She knew all of its secrets and all of its strengths as well as weaknesses.
Folding her wings against her back, she wondered what the man, that had been banished here nine years ago, would do now. Maybe she would help..if she found a reason to that is.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

Without warning Jarvis was set on fire by the god. Jarvis dropped to the ground and tried to extinguish the flames, but no matter how hard he tried the flames would not go out. "these flames won't kill you," said he god "this is part of the marking, a simbol of your banishment" the pain got worse and worse there seamed to be no end to the pain. Suddenly the flames consent rated on one point, the back Of his hand. " just try to escape little human and the flames will consume you for real this time" said the god. " And now begone, leave me" with a snap Jarvis was thrown out of he room the force was so hard that he was knocked unconscious.

When Jarvis woke he found himself in an beach. "I think the gods need to look up the meaning for punishment". Sudenly there is a crash in the woods behind him and a terrifying roar.
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda felt the disturbance of a new life form.
One more human to add to the pile i suppose. she thought then shook her head.

Unfolding her wings, she jumped off the tree branch. Diving down a cliff, the ground coming up fast. Then at the last second, she opened her wings and the wind caught her. She soared above the ground with a few flaps of her wings. Cuda headed straight for the beach.
In order to meet this new human.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

" great now there is a big scary monster in the woods and here I am defenseless and with no shelter" Jarvis was frustrated looking over to the forest he hesitated and analyzed his options. He could eather run at the monster and end his life quickly, or run and hide for the rest of his life. He stood there not moving. He analyzed his soroundings and waited for something to attack him. Jarvis may just be a human, but he was a human with supernatural abilities. He could sense any thing that could harm him or benefit him. He was blessed with the power to look in his near future. The disadvantage was that he had millions of outcomes so I didn't do him good.

Then out of nowhere a tree was flung and Jarvis was just fast enough to dodge it. " We'll that's the end of my peace." and so jarvis moved forward into the woods where who knows what waited for him.
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda folded in her wings and dropped like a rock. Quickly she dove down and when she was an inch over the man's head, she grabbed the back of his shirt. Then she opened her wings and flew above she trees. The trees were left far below them.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

Jarvis could do nothing to prevent his kidnaping. His future depended on the creature that held him. His future was clouded. "Who are you?!" screamed Jarvis .
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda kept flying and soon there was a cliff ahead. She swooped down towards the cliff and dropped the man several inches from the ground.
Cuda flew a couple more feet, before she pinned her wings onto her back. Dropping to the ground, she looked at the man.
"Im the girl who just saved your life," she stated simply.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

"Well thanks but I'm capable of saving my own life, now if you excuse me, I have way too many debts to add another one" and with that Jarvis turned and started to walk away. His chances were not good but he could not trust any one easily because of his old friend. They had been close untill Nico left him for dead after a theft that would make them rich and get them out of the streets.
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda shrugged and turned away. "Its your choice. Jarvis," Cuda said before slipping away into the trees.
She knew everyone who stepped onto her island. There were very few who had come to he island in which she did not know their name.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

Jarvis turned in surprice " how do you know my name?"
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

With no answer Jarvis started to advance on the stranger. " I asked you, how do you know my name?!"
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda didnt show any emotion except complete seriousness.
"This is my island. I've lived here for longer than you've been alive. I know everyone who steps here and why the gods banished them here," Cuda answered simply.
Stretching out her wings, she flapped her wings softly so just to stretch them.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

Jarvis had to admit he neaded help, eaven with the past problems he had to get help. " well you know a lot of me but I don't eaven know you name or why you are here"
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

"well I have to admit you saved me, and I could use you help a little bit more"
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

"I am here because im a fallen angel. My name is Cuda," she answered.
Cuda watched the demon god behind Jarvis.
"I would say so. That demon god is quite a threat," she stated.
Jarvis (played by Rudito01)

Jarvis turned and saw the monster. " well seems my tree throwing frond has found me, sorry champ I can't play catch now." in a heartbeat Jarvis ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped. Not the smartest idea but luck was always on his side. He pulled out a small sword pendant, a 'souvenir' taken from the gods palace, he concentrated and turned it into a life size golden sword. As fast as he could he staved the sword onto the cliff and stoped the fall near a tree. He jumped off onto the tree and then safely to the ground.
Cuda (played by StillDoll)

Cuda watched and followed him except she dove right by him. Her wings were folded tightly against her back as she fell towards the ground. Right before she hit, she threw open her wings and the wind caught her. She softly landed on the grass and watched as Jarvis made his way to the ground.

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