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Harren Lobos (played by MissUndeadKisses)

Harren moved quickly through the under brush, her paws not even making a sound as she advanced. Her breathing had become a bit more panting sense her running had not stopped the whole time she was out. Her wolf rumbled in approval, glad to finally be out in the open. Work had made Harren stay away from the woods for some time now.

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Char (played by CookieLurv)

He had been sleeping on his favorite rock when something stirred him from his sleep. A wolf was running as if there was a fire. Was there?He sniffed the air, but smelled no smoke. Perhaps enemy wolves were chasing her? No, not a sound of barking or howling. Hmmm. He stood and stretched, yawned once and shook out his fur.
Erin Maltize (played by hiddensoul14)

A hawk was flying above as she watched the wolf run through the forest the wolf was as quite as she was flying through the forest . she landed on a branch as the wolf ran passed another one that had been laying on a rock

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