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Bellarue Vermil (played anonymously)

"Salutations! Did I hear somone say cake!? My name is Bellarue Vermil, and I could hear those tummies growl from way outside the café! I see that you are concerned about the decline in Rping and I may not be able to cure the cause, but I can offer you this chance to grab a coupon and maybe come have a bite to eat or become part of the Amanogawa family as we are hiring! It will be place that you can discuss this, among other things, while also having wonderful time with others. If anything else, at least you'll get a discount from yours truly!" She waves about the Amanogawa sign with a wide grin, all while prancing about in the thread room.
Shirito Han (played anonymously)

His hooves clacked with familiar tenacity, glancing about the courtyard until he found his daughter, who had wandered off as was not entirely unusual. Or unwelcome, in fact; in the short amount of time she'd taken her leave, Shirito had actually managed to get some paperwork done. All the same, it wouldn't really be good if she fell down a manhole or something to that effect, and as clumsy as she could be...

Her father wasn't going to ask where she'd gotten the materials to make the banner. If he'd had a moment to think, he'd likely have remembered he'd given her the okay. But that's the nature of being steadfast, and sometimes, she was a chocolatey blur about the cafe - especially while they were still searching for new hires.

"'Rue!" he called, cupping his hands some few yards off, red brick road feeling the tap of his feet. "Bellarue! What are you... what are you doing? These people are talking about the nature of.... Oh never mind. Good work, when it all comes down to it. Now come inside! This butter isn't going to churn itself..."

He finished speaking as his approach came to a bearing, gripping her flapping brown cloak in one solitary grip, tugging her behind him lightly. "Carry on all, carry on! Don't mind us... unless you're looking for work, that is..."

And with that, he took daughter, banner, and gumption... closing the distance to the cafe until there was none left to subdue in traveling.


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