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Heimdall Moderator

It would be freakishly awesome to have networks for guilds/groups, which are totally intrinsic to roleplay. I'm currently just putting my guild's URL and name in under the Games area for each character, but... why not make it official? (Because it takes resources, Heimdall!) I know, I know. But still. I think it would be cool for a guild owner to create a network, and then characters who're part of that guild can join it. (Maybe only with consent from the person who created it.) Then, like your friends and enemies, you can display your guilds on your page.

Kim Site Admin

This is one of those things that's been planned since day one of penciling the Repository on napkins, and is definitely something I'm really really looking forward to. (Check out planned features for a slightly out of date list). Your "why not" is exactly correct, although I'd make the amendment of "why not yet" ;)

There are a few other things that are critically needed before them, but groups are steadily creeping up toward the top of the list and will very soon become a focus. Even though they aren't the direct priority just now, I will say that a number of other features have been designed with the eventuality of groups specifically in mind so that they can mesh when groups finally come into existence. The forums, for instance, stand poised to offer private boards to group members.
Heimdall Topic Starter Moderator

Totally awesomesweet! Thanks!

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