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Mizuki Tsukino (played anonymously)

With what I have come up with, the world that Seto and Ren live in collapsed with the same technology that would destroy the human race, only much more advanced. They have crystals that resonate (sync) with the world’s magnetic fields, and provide constant, useable energy to things. When the world collapsed, most electronics and homes for that matter, ran off of energy from this power source. However, severe experimentation with humanoid beings (anthros and humans) contributed to the fall of society. It wasn’t the use of energy, but where they used the energy that caused the meltdown.

[*] This is strictly not my own game. This game belongs to Nintendo, as well as Ren, Seto, and any other characters from said game that are referenced in this RP.

Stage 4 animalism- has human body, but hands, feet, and head are animal like, and they’re covered with fur/feathers
Stage 3 animalism- Head has a mix of animal and human features, and has most places covered with fur/feathers
Stage 2 animalism- Has ears and tail, and fur/feathers cover certain places. However, has skin and human face.
Stage 1 animalism- Has only ears and tail, or wings. Looks human otherwise.

Mizuki “Kitsora” Tsukino- A stage 4 wolf girl, who has been experimented on. She has crystals down her spine, in her shoulder blades, and in her sternum (below her collarbones). She continues to live, with strange occurrences happening to her as she begins to change with the crystals. Eventually, her hair turns white with blue tips. She currently wears a torn kimono, zori boots (flip flop boots), and one laced fingerless glove on her right arm. She carries with her an AIPA, or AI Personal Attendant, which does everything from calling, scanning, storing information, and giving advice. The AI system’s current personality is called Sakura, which has a very caring and sweet demeanor. She also has a special flashlight, and a huge bag to carry all of her items in. She wants currently to find someone to be with, like Seto, because she is extremely lonely and afraid.

Aren Pavlov- Stage 4 male fox, who knew the world would come to this. So far, he stayed put and had a huge amount of guns and ammo, as well as military rations. He is very cautious, and he is considered a Mercenary now. Kit finds him in multiple places, and eventually he stays with her because he needed someone to talk to, and because he could tell she was scared. He always has a supply of Russian arms and ammunition. He wears a Russian Ushanka, torn military-style cargo pants, combat boots (for stage 4s), an olive drab shirt, and a Russian trench coat.

Amber Lothuiál- Another stage 4 wolf woman, however she has treated life like she were in a tribe. She lived outside society, and her husband died before he could reach her. She didn’t know she was pregnant until recently, and so she spends her time trying to find food and see if anyone might help her, and possibly start a community in the wild with her. She wears a clothe around her chest, and has a cloth tied around her waste to cover her. She has a beautiful handcrafted staff that she has some of those crystals in. They allow her to do things like Kit, and she has a strip of white in her bangs.

Setting: Tokyo, Japan after the "Glass Cage II" Incident
Any other Characters are either yours, or I will edit this to add new NPC characters controlled by me. Mainly, My main character is and will remain Mizuki, and the others are added secondary characters. ENJOY! (Also, please note what you are wearing, your appearance, and how you come in upon first appearance.)

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