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You know who I mean. Those characters, be them good or bad, that are just so unique and cool in their own way, but you never see them again.

I want to talk a little bit about some of mine. First of all being...

Jr. Troopa - Paper Mario

Now, this little punk has been a thorn in the side of Mario since the first 15 minutes of gameplay. And he KEEPS coming back for more! The little guy wont give up! and he Gets STRONGER to where you have to change strategy every time you fight him!

And then they let him go.

3 games later and we haven't seen him, or any versions of him. He is, in my oppinion, one of the best Characters in the Mario games, and by far the one that needs his own fansite!
Drayle88 Topic Starter

Now, this isn't really a character, but a whole type of gaming mechaninc.

The Chao - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

THE. MOST. FUN. I've ever had in playing a sonic game, was raising the Chao. It was hours of my childhood, done over and over again, just so I could have the perfect pet.

Granted, it started in Sonic Adventure, and they had something kinda like it in a GBA game somewhere, but to the level of A2B there has been nothing. And with as much as they've been making teh recent sonic games suck like a squid, you'd think they could toss in a CHao raising game, just to make up for how patheticly short and stupid the game was!

I'm looking at you Everything past A2B!
Drayle88 Topic Starter

Next up

Dampe - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Call me crazy, but I found the old man hilarious. Hideous as teh day is long, a near perfect rip off of igor but with more personality to make up for it. He Was someone I constantly enjoyed visiting, and he made my stay in the graveyards much more enjoyable because of it.
Drayle88 Topic Starter

Now, I know that Finally fantasy is a game that takes every step of the way in making new characters. But, with the appartent rise of Part 2's and 3's, I think it'd be safe to say this.

Vivi - FF9

Cool outfit, deep backstory, awesome fighter, this guy has it all. And above all else... this guy is ADORABLE! I mean look at him, he's got this cute chibi thing going that makes me just want to hug him!

Not trying to be creepy right now. I saw a ViVi lifesize plushie... and I regret not getting it.
Drayle88 Topic Starter

For all you out there who played Kirby 64 and liked it...

Adeleine - Kirby 64

Now, I like this girl for several reasons. The beret, she's a painter that brings stuff to life, and to be honest she fits in the story and world pretty well. For someone who must have been friends with Paint Roller at one point, the artist is a nice character that stuck in my mind, and I think we should have seen more of her.

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