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Hope Cerbeius (played by Red-Void)

In a world filled with war and strife, many countries fight amongst each other for power and territory. Many will do anything and everything to gain the upper hand, some use mercenaries and extremely advanced technology, others use employ genetic modifications to create super soldiers or horrific monstrosities, and some even use the powers of the supernatural to control the boundaries of time and space. But in the midst of the chaos, there is one mercenary group that doesn't want to be mere pawns of war, they seek to be vital tools in this cycle of bloodshed. They want to run their company like any respectable business, they try to find resolutions that benefit both sides while also giving themselves a bit more. They are the Company of Sin. And they do not discriminate nor do they judge, any and all are welcome.

Hope was one of the children -and future generation- in this group of mercenaries. They were brought here by their adopted father who had to go elsewhere to agree on a deal with a country to keep the money flow coming in for all of them. Being old enough to be on their own they walked through the halls, as people pass by them using the bells on them to echolocate themselves to not walk into a wall blindly, but didn't really know where they were. They sigh as they continue walking, they all knew it would be dangerous to go outside with the war still ongoing, an attack on the place was very normal to be completely honest. Hope reassure themselves that it won't happen anytime soon.

//Please ask to join with a character(s) before joining!//
so all mercenaries are blind ?

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