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So, I have this Steampunk world I came up with about a year and a half ago. I've only ever used it with my husband and a scant few on Furcadia, but none of them were steampunk platers. I want to develop pieces of the society so that I can add a few of my characters on here and really get things going with other players who might be interested.

The characters I have no trouble defining - it is the organizations. There are three of them (well, two and a half). I need to think of questions to ask myself beyond "what is the goal of the organization?" so that I can get a good grip on what they do, how they work and the people who would be attracted to them.

One of them is "evil" so far as taken England and the commonwealth back into what they believe if the true vision of the Pendragons. The other is an organization that strives to keep magic and extreme science on the downlow to keep the regular citizens protected. The third is connected to the second and is a school of sorts for training future members of the second organization.

What questions should I put together in my notes?

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You might think about how each organization is structured. For instance, does the Pendragon organization follow the Pendragon's method of rulership within their organization? Is it effective? Are there any issues that need to be resolved amongst its own members?

The second organization--is it organized differently? How so? And in what way are the members united or not?

You may also want to play around with how the two organizations recognize each other (if they do) or others that belong to them (if they can). Do they wear certain colors/patches/distinguishing marks? Do they talk a certain way? Do they hold particular positions?

Likewise, what kind of people do they target to bring in, or induct, into their group? How do they do this? Are there spies or moles in each organization?

You could have a lot of fun with it. What I might recommend is starting with two characters, one from each organization (or all three) and see how they interact in daily life vs with each other vs certain plot points. Assuming you know what those certain plot points are. If not, just start with a character and go from there.

I'd love to explore the ideas with you, or hash 'em out with my own RP character, Daryn...though I'd need to do some serious research on the Pendragons. >_>
One more, I just remembered: "how do the "normal" civilians regard the two/three organizations?" Is there fear, paranoia, questions about them? Or are they looked at like a cult? ...just something else to keep in mind. :)

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