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Indeed, I am making a medieval/renaissance fantasy roleplaying forum. This is independent of any larger site and is set in a world of my own creation.

This is what I have so far, but more is to come- provided there is interest. I've had too many times I go through the effort of building a site, only to find that no one was interested (ie. The 1800 century pirate board that has no members).

So, if you are interested, please post here, make an account, what have you. I'll start working at it more, stuff it full of lore and we can have a jolly time in the Homeplane.

And just so people know, my world is every growing and rather flexible. If you join and want to encoporate something new, I welcome it and will give it a board and make sure the lore is avalible. I know it's sparse now, but I've got time to get it going.

I'm also looking for mods who have proboard experiance, if anyone is interested.
Medieval/fantasty stuff? I'm in! I'll check it out when I have some time :D

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