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De Profetes (played by TheLily)

So, for a bunch of my friends (ten of them), I did Tarot Card readings. They're simple, just a three card spread, but the characters that I knew, I added a bit more in there for them. I have them up on the second page in this profile. It's long, but I had fun doing it.

I was a lazy butt and copy/pasted, but this took me about... six hours total to do. The spreads, the interpretation and of course getting this profile set up.

So yeah, <_<>_> that's my creativity.
Whooo! <3 <3 All of the love!
It was awesome, and a really neat idea! Thank you! <3
It was amazing! Thank you again what an awesome and unique idea!

Much thanks, Lily; the reading was almost eerily fitting for Jack and I enjoyed the description you wrote up for what each of the cards meant. It was really nice of you to do this, and you've my gratitude. :)

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