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Anyone wanna do a fnaf roleplay? I'm fine with oc's as I create oc's myself! Talk to me if you want to!

Welcome to RPR!

I suggest going to the "Looking for RP" forum, since this is the introduction section. :>
Hey there and welcome :)

Like Beetlebelle said, the Looking for RP section is where you wanna go!

Hope you enjoy your RPs here!
The find RP section is also useful, I have found plenty of contacts through it. Welcome to RPR!


...and welcome to the RPR! Please feel free to ask questions to anyone if you need and dont be shy to send a PM. People here are almost always looking to RP! We are so happy you're here! Also I second what everyone else said, and PMing people works wonders to start an RP.
May I roleplay with you? I love Fnaf.👌
Can I join in?
welcome-.did..anybody sai...Fnaf!?

im in

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