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Owww Echo :'(
Sounds terrible
Heading to bed, hope y'all have a great (and painless) night!
Night-night, Moth!
I felt so bad because it was like 5am and I had to get my mom to take me to see WHAT the hell was going on
almost.. done... homework
*kicks down the door*
Stepped into my base for a few seconds, only to return to find my Pals have murdered a bunch of chickens.
Gumoos Gang War (colorized)

Not sure if it's because of the locations, but wild Pals are regularly engaging in gang wars outside my base.
Makes it useful to collect drops, lol
Mornin', folks
Hiya Rennnnn
Hiya Seven! ^_^
How's things?
Things are pretty good. Finally got some sleep last night. Just trying to deal with the cabin fever I've had lately fajfk

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