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*offers cake*
I need to finish arkham asylum

Thanks! ^^ *nibbles cake*
Oh wow I missed a lot during dinner.
I want foooooood but I have to wait for the water to boil.
I spent about three hours making a pizza and a box cake. XD It uh... went interestingly.
I forgot to get pizza crusts last time I got food so no pizza for me.
Aww :(
I 've started again to do sports
The Tamamo is gonna lose weight!
Good luck! I need to start being active again, but it's always so hard to start...

I can relate to that. I always set goals for myself to be more active, but then I just give up before an even start TwT
I'm slowly losing weight.
my objective is to lose 10kgs for now.
tbh i want to lose more than that but its a start

Ack! My throat feels like I just swallowed sandpaper TwT it’s been like this for the past week. I freaking hate colds.
Losing weight is easy tho. gaining muscle mass is bit harder tho.
If only it was this easy for me
i get weight basically from just eating salad

Losing weight is easy. Gaining the motivation to actually get up and try to lose it is the hard part.
I don't really want to be around a bunch of people, it makes me nervous and I can't really do much in my apartment without worrying about someone complaining of noise so that's why it's rather slow for me. x.x

Oh lord ok, I’m gonna come back later, because I need to go lie down for a bit. It hurts to breatheeee.

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