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Hi Jess! Knight!
Ugh on the pool incident.
Hiya, Dawnia
I'm playing Pokemon Ultra Moon
I beat Pokemon Black 2 yesterday :) Or well I beat the champion. There's a postgame still
I've been gearing up to do a Nuzlocke run soon
Oooh what game?
Not sure yet, I was thinking maybe Violet, or Omega Ruby
Dondozo is a beast, will make for a great Nuzlocke mon in Violet.
Hello! I just joined the site :) What's everyone doin?
Studying at the moment.
I just finished my finals so I am released from that hell-- good luck!
What are you studying?
That's cool, seems like it would be difficult but worth it
it's here. my biggest insecurity from my childhood is something i now find absolutely gorgeous (however that's spelled atp-)
Good morning
Lo, i rise from the blanket covered depths of my bed to bid you all a wonderful day.
yknow whats really fun to do? make a quote wall. for like, literally anything.

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