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What's your caffeine supply of choice?
Sodas, usually
Yeah, good choice. Do you have a favorite among them?
Pepsi or Mountain Dew is usually my go to, especially since there aren't any caffeinated root beers.
Oooh, again good choices
Root beer is a favorite of mine too, but you're right. They are usually not caffeinated
Glass bottled root beers hit differently.
Ough, yeah, you're so right
Sadly, it's not often I find glass bottled sodas in general around here.
No, me either... I was just thinking about how glass-bottled anything hits differently. We used to get amazing milks and chocolate milks in them too, years ago
We've got a fantastic milk company near us that has a bunch of great flavors; their banana and orange cream milks are fantastic
Oh yeah! I think I saw you mention that here before. Those *do* sound amazing
The latter reminds me of the orange creamsaver candies
Oh!! I haven't had one of those in years either aaa
That sounds heavenly then lmao
It's great, lol
Sadly, there's only a single store in my area that has them.
My question is, is all this only a Midwest thing? Or strictly a local Kansas thing?
Mostly restricted to the Kansas City area, though you might be able to find it elsewhere.
I'll see if I can
Good luck

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