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Hmm, some horror stuff that i usually watch when i get lonely. ->-
Hii Sanne
It's 5am but I've only been up since 5pm...
and trust me, one of the scenes was pretty scary and i almost fell off my chair-
I just closed Elden Ring and I might make some kind of attempt to sleep soon but who knows
Sanne Moderator

What's for breakfast drink?
rolled 1d2 and got a natural 2.

Note: 1=Coffee, 2=Tea

Sanne Moderator

Tea time!
I might have coffee tomorrow
It's tea time doctor. :>
But bored, thought I'd chime in here and say hello!!
Oh hey beasts, how are you feeling?
Just woke up, took a hot minute to get going because I had to pop every joint in my body. Lol
Also waking my brain up more so I can process some dreams I had better.
Popping joints, I can't even crack my knuckles without feeling like I hit myself with a hammer. Idk how you do that.

Glad to see your good though and waking up some.
I'm old and riddled with arthritis, LMAO.
And yeah, had some real strange dreams about my pair of detectives - they got into some DEEP trouble.
How're YOU doing today, Spider?
I'm good. Got some energy today, so I'm working on a strictly Slasher Horror character, and a Game Host character for a MMORPG plot focus.

Work is slow so kinda stick doing nothing between shifts sadly.

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