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Still selling
Still selling things
Black Friday sale going on until Monday!
Sale ended.
Some prices lowered on designs.
Payment plans available on the higher priced designs.
Haggleable on buyout prices.
Some prices lowered
Sold some stuff
Prices lowered on some stuff
Necromancer wrote:
Feel free to message me about anything listed. - Includes alts and digos.

View link for alt list.

Quick digo list:
N-Equine - $20
N-Canine - $25
N-Feline - $25
(Prices are firm)

CLICK THE LINK BELOW. Prices added to each character.

Limited time sale. Designs $40 - 60 take 15% off. Designs $61+ take 25% off.

I've got many designs up for sale, some with more than one piece of artwork. Please browse any / all folders!

Canine sold
Still selling
Sale over.
Possibly accepting art / chars as trade.
Sold some stuff
Sale started
Sale still going
digos added

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