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(x-posting here as i'm not sure which forum was best suited! moderators, if not allowed, feel free to delete~)

howdy folks! i created a character earlier that i thought i would use, but upon further thoughts i decided i wouldn't be able to give her the attention she deserves. so, i'm opening up a contest/raffle to win her!

here's the character in question- if you win, you're free to change anything about her. but for the time being, she's an amphibian-esque alien inspired by an axolotl.

so without further ado, here's the jist of things!

each participant must write a short story involving this character. entries can focus on any aspect of her- origins, personalities, even interactions with other characters.

there is no length requirement, but someone who writes a longer story with more opportunity for exploration is more likely to win over a few sentences.

the winner will be selected on creativity primarily, not just skill and length.

if you win, i will message you with an (optional) shaded version and color palette, as well as the file!

i don't have a particular set date in mind for when this ends. we'll just see about it~ if there's no interest in this, i'll just raffle the character off instead. hope to see some entries! <3

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