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Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)

Entry Log #001: Braxton Lane

Gladius City. A city located on Earth... er... not really Earth, more of a... planet very, very similar to Earth. The original Earth may have been destroyed in a war that was caused by the fact that North America decided to create an army of massive robots to guard the outer border of each state, including South America. Oh and, quick note, we have advanced interstellar travel at this point. You can guess how that ended up. If you still can't figure it out, they gained sentience, realized that they were practically slaves and revolted. Y'know, typical stuff. There was a bang, there was a crash, and then North America just decides "Screw it" and launches the world ending bomb that ended up irradiating the entirety of the west. You may be wondering "But Percy? Why didn't everyone just move to the East" well you see. There was currently a terrible war going that was like a semi-World War three. So to sum it up, The West is irradiated to all hell and going there was a death sentence, and the East is currently being ravaged by war where nowhere is safe. Humans, everybody, what a wonderful species. So where did we go? Another note, there are more than just Humans in the world, there were aliens, weird wolf people, I think I even saw a few cat people there, there were androids, and.. well you get the gist. Anyways, where did we go? UP! That's right we went to SPACE. So yadda, yadda, we found a planet, colonized it, made a bunch a stuff, and boom now we're here. Now, to get what I meant to talk about at the beginning, Braxton Lane. That place is weird. It's weirdly quiet and there have been some strange anomalies like weird inter-dimensional rifts, people have gone missing for no reason, freaky creatures, and a ton of other stuff. The weirdest thing is, nowhere else is it like that. I'm probably going to investigate pretty soon but I definitely going to some more people. So... you in?
-End of Log #001
Artemis (played anonymously)

((May I join? I could be the only android that didn't revolt.))
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23) Topic Starter

Umbra (played by Bronzewing)

((Could I join?))
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

((Woof, is this joinable?))
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23) Topic Starter

((Of course both of you can join at any time))
'Ilia' (played by Churchtuary)

((I'm interested :^) ))
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

It didn't really get off the ground, Shall I DM you if it starts up?
Unknown user

((I'd like to join if this isn't full))
Umbra (played by Bronzewing)

((I believe anyone is good to just hop in?))
Phantom (played anonymously)

(Sorry about the double post.)

May I join? It seems like an interesting concept - humans (physically weak creatures) in a strange world, everything kicking off, Earth as a wasteland...

I like it.
Ben Colon (played by CodingMad1)

I like the sound of this rp may I join?
Jane Doe (played anonymously)

((Heya. Yeah, this caught my eye as a neat concept. Sign me up when it starts.))
Character Dump (played by WolfieX45)

Hazely here well here scifi version whould be perfect for this if its still happening?))

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