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Rose (played by GalaxyStar2)

So,I'm looking for people who are interested in Sailor Moon,I only have one female character (scince my profile got deleted but,whatever) so,I don't mind one liners at all,as long as its detailed,so,here is the plot(it's a long day,after school,Rose saw a group of kids,bullying a cat,she storms over there scaring them off,that same day the cat gave her a small token as thanks,a broach,when she yells "solar prism power make-up" she turns into a sailor solider,she knew right away her life is gonna change...) so yeah that's the plot and here are the rules

~no smut
~swearing allowed but keep it at a minimum please
~romance is ok
~no godmoding
~no spamming me
~don't bully
~be patient with me
~and have fun

This is a pm rp btw

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