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EDIT: I was never able to find more than one beta reader for the second draft, but I just finished the THIRD draft, and am now looking for a couple people to beta read said draft. You'll have 4 months to read it. (Now until mid January) and I'm not looking for editing, or in depth critiquing, but rather your opinion as the 'average reader' and someone who loves books. :)

All beta readers will receive a free official eBook copy of the book once it is published.

Hey there! I'm looking for several beta readers to beta read the second draft of my book. I am here because I tried on several other sites I frequent and the people I chose ended up ditching me before they even read anything, forcing me to wait weeks without telling me they weren't reading! So, I'm really desperate for a couple beta readers.

Basically, a beta reader in literal definition is:

A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing, who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author. A beta reader is not a professional and can therefore provide advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader.

Being my beta reader means you will read my second third draft, comment on things such as character interactions, scenes/dialogue/passages you don't or do like, plot holes you notice - essentially anything you would notice if you were just reading a book you picked up. This however does not include grammar. Since it's a second third draft it is still a bit rough, and therefore not edited to fix all of the grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is not your job to point those out unless especially glaring/bothersome.

What my book is about: My book is an urban fantasy detailing the journey of two witches and a fire demon that are running from enemy vampires. It also contains a f/f romance subplot between two of the bisexual main characters.

It is an Urban Fantasy book, not technically Young Adult but I'm sure teenagers will read it.

Word Count: 109,000 94,000

Swearing: Yes

Violence: Yes

Sexual Content: No

Who I am looking for:

2 people.

15 or older. (audience is more so 18-35 but mature teenagers are welcome.)

Must be comfortable with a four month time schedule, meaning it must be done by January 15th.

I will be sending a copy of the draft via google docs with comments enabled.

DM me if interested.
Almost a year later, after not really being able to find more than one beta reader for the second draft, I am now looking for beta readers for third draft! Read post if interested. :)

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