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Nasir Lusys (played by Snurglez)

The skies rumble with thunder, the ground splits as earthquakes break the Earth in two. Nasir looks into the sky and shakes his head, the worst has happened... Someone had summoned the Lord of the Shadows, Xulith. Nasir looks to his assistant and nods with a slight smile before finally speaking up.
"This is what I have trained you for. All of those years of you giving your best. All of those years of you showing me that you were stronger and better than what people believed you were. Now... It is time for us to take the fight to them... to the Dredge."

Hi! This was just something that I came up with rather quickly but honestly, I feel like it can be something good!

The assistant could be your character who was looking for work, looking to better themselves, looking for someone to learn from, it does not matter! As long as we mesh well and make a great adventure!

I am also down to use dice and character sheets, there is no objection to that what so ever! So feel free to message me!

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