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Anna (played anonymously)

you know basic rules
No op
No killing without permission
No 18+
Keep the romance to kissing and hugging
No being mean
2+ lines
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

I can play as a Stormtrooper or a Inquisitor.
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Okay, perhaps an Imperial officer unless you want me to wield a red lightsaber.
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((you could be whatever you want. But my characters will both have light sabers ))
Ah, so I guess no storm trooper who goes down in like a minute after combat then. Potentially I could be a bounty hunter or perhaps as I said, an Inquisitor.
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Inqusitor is good))
((Hey room for one more?))
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((Ok when do we start then?))
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Now is good)

Anna sat near a small pond on the ruined the planet of dantooine. She had managed to avoid imperial scouts so far. And was hoping to continue doing so
*Rev had just landed on dantooine after he had been briefly detained by the imperial navy defense fleet on planet but he was allowed to leave after presenting his bounty hunter license to one of the guards* keep the change *he threw more than enough credits at one of the civilian landing pad personnel to pay for his spot he then put on his helmet and left the city* now then... where should I go first? *he received a holo-transmission and answered from the commlink on his belt putting it in front of himself* rev: ”who’s this?” *the hologram became clearer depicting a fairly young man with a single imperial code cylinder wearing a black imperial navy uniform and he had a total of 4 squares on the right side of his chest 2 blue and 2 red indicating he was a lieutenant* lieutenant Briggs: “I am lieutenant Briggs of the imperial navy I have come to you bounty hunter with an offer...” *revain was already intrigued if it was a lieutenant he thought it would be easy money whatever he needed* rev: “ok... who’s my mark?” Lieutenant Briggs: “a Jedi... from what I know she is on dantooine with you 15,000 credits is my offer.. what do ya say?” *rev was stunned by the request but with that kind of money he could probably not only finish his droid project but he could also probably get those miniature shield generators he wanted built in to his suit and buy some minor ship upgrades with potentially some still to spare!* rev: “ok I want details and.. I want financial compensation if any of my armor or assets get damaged...” *he paused and then remembered* rev: “I will also need a speeder for ground transport” lieutenant Briggs: “done and done... the details have been sent to you via a holo-file and an imperial speeder will be brought to you shortly... if you are successful the empire will be forever in your debt...” rev: “ok.. Revain Scrattor out” *he ends the call gets his speeder from a nearby imperial scout trooper gets on and reads the file he was sent* interesting... reports say she was headed for a nearby pond... *he drives off to the pond but he parks his speeder behind a rock not to far from it he hides behind it as well and aimed his rifle at Anna’s leg suspecting the imperials wanted her alive*
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Anna suddenly spun around as if sensing something was nearby. She threw her black and pink braid over her shoulder and took out her light sabers. She looked around. Her features were clearly those of a Skywalker.
“I know someone is out there. Show your self” she demanded
*rev stood down and hid behind the rock grabbing a thermal detonater he knew she could reflect the laser bolts back at him* blast... *he mumbled after which he put his detonater away and propped his rifle against the rock and came out hands on his pistol holsters ready to fire if things turned south* are you Anna? *he asked in a demanding tone*
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

She glared at him
“Yes do you need something?”
She demanded
The name's Reavain Scrattor... *he smirked under his helmet* you have a lot of enemies little lady... *he hoped this could go over easier than expected and perhaps without bloodshed* not many people like the Jedi...
Anna (played anonymously) Topic Starter

“Well if The empire sent you for me you might as well leave. Or you will meet the same fate as the last bounty hunter”
She hissed
You speak so fondly of this “last one” perhaps they left you a parting gift?.. *he sees the scar over her eye* no matter... lets strike a deal shall we? The empire is offering 15,000 for me to bring you back alive well as far as I can tell they want you alive.. but you have 3 options: surrender now and I take you to the imperial garrison, you pay me a greater sum and I leave you alone and tell the imperials that I couldn’t find you, or the best option in my opinion is you fake surrender I take your lightsabers there and bring them aboard and smuggle them in your room after I get paid and then once we both escape I never met you and you never met me... *he pauses knowing what the fourth option she is most likely thinking is* to kill me is not the Jedi way... the jedi only use their power for defense not attack... besides.. I haven’t done anything to threaten you have I? *he leans against a tree next to him and puts his right leg on the trunk waiting patiently for her answer*

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