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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

The United States Pokemon Region. With all pokemon... Rare, Mystical, special and common. Up to Generation 7. We can also have as many characters as we like. Pose as many as we feel is right. The only condition is that we are all able to keep close track of them all. We can come up with a certain Plotline. And the Villainous teams are Aqua, Magma, And perhaps a return of Team Rocket. Their prime goal is use the Rising Star's voice to awaken the Mystical Elusive pokemon... Kyogre and Groudon.

Macie's team possesses the Red and Blue Orb and the Evil teams will prove on doing anything they can... whatever they can... to get it.

It's the entire U.S Continent.

The Gym line-up:

Cleveland Gym
cm116-001509.jpg Samuel Eastmoon- The Apache who specializes in Rock and the Tension which comes into it. The Gym Badge: The Apache Indian Rock badge.

The New york City Gym
10341480_1594441640836966_7863459292094698397_n.jpg Grandmother Elizabeth Burke- Leslie B.Burke’s grandmother and with a obsession with steel. Dare to face off with the Steel plated personality? The Gym Badge: The Titanium steel Badge

The Chicago Gym
everwood0101-1013.jpg Retired Ace Lieutenant Royale Partridge- Treats everything with Military Protocol and demands nothing less of fellow gym trainers who greet Wary Pokemon Trainers. The Gym Badge: The Flying Ace Badge

Colorado Gym
charlene-e-rhapsody-31.jpg Charlene E. Sherman- The Icy Flame and chill of the Arctic. Her Selection of pokemon show no mercy to the icy plight that shall come. Use to be a hero known as Arctic Mind. But is now a Gym Leader. So be forewarned if she has her pokemon use one of her moves from her previous life. The Gym Badge: The Arctic Soul Badge

Salt Lake City Gym
power-rangers-movie-screencaps-com-4368.jpg Dolcea- Master warrior and embarker of the normal Pokemon. “Let the strength of your pokemon’s spirit and skill be their guide” is her Motto. Gym badge: The Skill Badge.

Las Vegas Gym
ashley-vandervelt-11.jpg Ashley Vandervelt- The Insightful fairy strategist- Use’s fairy Pokemon and studies their peculiar behavior inside and outside of battle. Gym Badge: The Fairy Tale Badge.

San Francisco Gym
167429_122715687794178_3878249_n.jpg Rei Hino- Psychic Maiden of the Metropolis Shrine. Sensing moves and Aura’s of people. ”
The Spirit world is very unpredictable. The mind is unforgiving. Is your Mind able to foresee what’s coming?” Gym Badge: The Spirit badge

Hollywood Gym
serena-tina-dinah-rhapsody-40.jpg Serena Tina Dinah Black- Retired Hero Thunderic Fury. The Electric Snapping Fuse.
“Wanna test the wrath of Thunder… Come and feel the Electrocution that shows no Mercy.” Gym Badge: The High Voltage Badge

Los Angeles Gym
Spencer Rhapsody- Devoted husband and father- Retired hero known as Spiritual Arctic-Frost. Favors the ground and the power it unleashes. The Arctic is his primary obsession. “If you respect the Earth… It’ll respect you. We are not the masters of the Earth. The ground that shakes us is prime example of that fact.” Gym Badge: The Earthquake bracing Badge

The Phoenix Gym
paul-charles-alvin-rhapsody-2.jpg Paul Alvin Charles Rhapsody -Retired hero Honolulu Torch Paul. “The fires that burn and the Fighting power of a Pokemon speaks loud. Leaves an impact. When they speak… You better pay attention and listen closely!” Gym Badge: The Fighting Fire Badge

The Houston Gym
christina-lemont.jpg christine-moonstar-crystal-langley- The Dragon Specialist. Japanese by blood. American by culture. “The Dragons are Mythical creatures that deemed to be feared. They’re the Creatures from Medieval times but they’re the Aerial power of their wings Be forewarned as their rage… is like none other” Gym Badge: The Dragon Rage Badge

The Orlando Gym
sora-and-carly-23.jpg Sora Creed and Carly Chase -The ESP Twins- Into Water pokemon and Dark Pokemon to show the terror of the dark pokemon’s intent. “The ocean’s kind surface masks a terror from the deep. The dark that inside a pokemon’s soul can be faced. But can you overcome it’s dark presence?” Gym Badge: The Nautical sea and Darkness Badge

In the Anime... and the Manga and all that... that would be the max. But for the Gym aspect... we're doing it in a way where we can hold more than 8.

Anyone who's interested... It's open to the best of 10 others. So... if there is anyone interested in doing this... Step up and be heard.
Magic 100%
Mundane? What's that? Magic permeates every part of the setting. Almost everyone has access to strong magic.
Technology 70%
Further future, perhaps visit mars or upload your brain
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Who's interested? Step up and be recognized.
Im interested
AnarchistKing wrote:
Im interested

Know the rules... Use a character you have for it. Join on in. Have fun.
Gym #1: Cleveland - The Rock Gym. Slogan: "The Rocky tension of the Nation. "Face the Rock of Power""
Gym #2: New York City- The Steel Gym. Slogan: "Come meet the Steel plating foundation of the nation"
Gym #3: Chicago- The Flying Gym. Slogan: "Take to the skies in the wind and the air. Reach up for the Sky!"
Gym #4: Salt Lake City- The Normal Gym. Slogan: "Come and show us your skills with normal array"
Gym #5: Colorado Gym- The Ice Gym. Slogan: "Trail through the Icy Peril. The Arctic snow shall bring no delight!"
Gym #6: Las Vegas Gym- The Fairy Gym. Slogan: "It's a fairy world, Don't be shy... come and say Hi!"
Gym #7: San Francisco Gym- The Eerie Ghost/Psychic. Slogan: "It's a spoooooky Eerie road. Travelers and trainers take warn."
Gym #8: Hollywood Gym- The Electric Shock. Slogan: "Prepare for a high voltage Shutdown. Can you handle the power of the Electrical surge?"
Gym #9: Los Angeles Gym- Ground Breaking. Slogan: "Shake, Rattle and Quake! IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE! Watch the ground snap and rumble you away!"
Gym #10: Phoenix Gym- Fire/Fighting Combo. Slogan: "Taste the Fire of the one's soul and the fighting spirit of a Pokemon's heart!"
Gym #11: Houston Gym- The Dragon Gym. Slogan: "The fierce rage of the Dragon. Can you tame the Dragon's raging fury?"
Gym #12: Orlando Gym- The Water/Dark Gym. Slogan: "The terror of the Deep is near. Tread carefully/The Dark spirit of the pokemon. Can you escape the dark that comes?"

The details or rules are as follows:
Just sign up. Then go to the actual thread and post a starter... of how your character enters the story.
You don't enforce that there are only 4 moves that a pokemon can use or learn. In the Rp... all pokemon can use all moves that it knows. All Moves. Whether it be weak or strong.
There is no need for levels... Just go with all pokemon being at any level... No specific one.
Have as many characters you like... But as long as you're able to keep track of them all.
It's in the USA Region but the Region is condensed so it's not a exact Match to the actual US even if it might seem as such.
This has a couple or so strains of what's in the Anime... to keep it honest. You can befriend pokemon before getting a license. It is normal and don't let anyone say it's not. Because i've seen a few other Rps that consisted of Pokemon that managed to do the very same thing or close... if not exact.
The Prof. is Professor Oliver Queen. (Thought of by me.)
The Evil Team: (Heavily leaned to team Cipher or Team Spectrum) -However it hasn't been officially put into play. or confirmed. I myself am leaning to using Team Aqua and or Team Magma. Like in the effects of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. But not like the games... not at all. It's all with strains of Anime.

Joanna Barlow
Macie Melody Lightfoot AKA "The Rising Star"
Jessie Rogers
Ridge Mercer- The Sing Prodigy-The Future Mr. Lightfoot.
Frank Holden
Gaby Mercer
Jordan Barlow

Those are some of the characters which will be seen among many others and Also NPC's too...
((This is still open. I never closed it))
AnarchistKing wrote:
Im interested

Where did you go?

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