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I'd like this rp to be a one on one rp, with someone who wouldn't mind playing as a vampire king, who takes on a human bride.

Language, violence and smut are allowed, only if your 18 plus, no one younger, because I don't want to get banned from RPR.

Anyone interested, please post here.
Achilles IV (played by Kada)

I'm interested. I'd have to create a character for this, but I'm very much open to it. What's your rp style normally? I tend to write multiple paragraphs with a lot of introspection and sensory details. Sometimes if I'm not feeling to creative I can only manage 2 or 3 paragraphs. I can't really do anything less. I've tried and it doesn't work for me. I also like to discuss OOC as much as possible. Keep my partners informed and what not.
My style is third person descriptive, as I try to reply with a couple paragraphs myself. I can do details like what my character is wearing, thinking, feeling.

I'm glad this caught your interest, but as a double check, your fine with 18+ material like I listed above?
New idea:

A vampire master falls for his blood slave and wishes to claim her as his lover, and the mother of his children.

Anyone interested?

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