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Hello everyone! I decided to my commissions here a try! Please give me a look!
I am fairly new to the site so nice to meet you all!

The picture bellow is self explanatory about the prices. If you have any questions, please ask. I don't bite!:D

For more examples please visit my DA page.

I draw as commission : Humans, Humanoids, Animals (real or fantasy), Birds, Plants, mostly anything.

I don't draw as commission : Hardcore, complex Landscapes, Explicit Art.


How to order?

1) Send me a note with the title (Type) Commission.
2) Type of the picture (Portrait/Waist-up/Full-body/ + Line-art/ Full Color).
3) Number of characters (MAX 3!).
4) Send me a full reference of your character and some information about it.
Example: personality, behaviour, relation with other characters, summary background. I want to make your character as real as possible, with fitting emotions, not just staying there. It's boring.
Netharan (played by Arcol)

(I hope I’m doing this right)

((Netharan)) Commission

Full body

Netharan is a cruel being, a skeletal figure with a black left eye and a flaming right one. He’s usually clad in tattered blood-red robes, a crown of jagged gold spires, and an obsidian staff topped with a flaming eye.

Netharan was once a god of creation, but he and his brother, Aitherion, both desired the hand of the goddess Ethera the Fair. When Aitherion won her over, Netharan dueled him, resulting in him losing an eye and his birthright as king of the gods. Cast into the darkness of the Netherworld, Netharan seeks vengeance, constantly tormenting his brother’s servants and anyone else who bows to the Risen.

He enjoys watching the world he created, a ghastly realm of fire and torment with jagged memories of what he once held dear. His favorite hobby is mostly watching his slaves toil until they can work no further, or watching the torment of prisoners captured.

He is the father of Aaron Pyrosian, and a foe of anyone who serves either the Risen or the Beyond.

What type of full body do you want? Lineart, flat color or full color (with simple background)?
Netharan (played by Arcol)

I think full color would be best, with a red or orange background, if possible.
Ok sure!
And I need some refference pictures. Please send them via a private message and we'll discuss there. :)
Netharan (played by Arcol)

Ok, I’ll do that.

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