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Smile (played anonymously)

OOC notes: Open to all, please read over Smile's page to become familiar with what she is (and what I look for in rp) to avoid wrong impressions and ideas that don't fit the character at all. I don't require in-depth study, but I'd appreciate more than just a glance over her pictures. I'll happily return the favor :) A posting order works best if there are more than 3 people involved total, but if someone doesn't post for 2 days their turn is skipped.
I focus on development of the character. Plot twists, new ideas are very welcome. Don't be afraid to send a PM for questions, suggestions etc
OOC chatter will disrupt topic notifications, please only post if it's really a post to the RP. You can add OOC comments but only below the post so we can keep things tidy.

This roleplay may not be suitable for people who do not like violence. Smile is a violent character and it's possible this may be roleplayed out here. Please don't read any further or get involved if this bothers you. If things get too graphic or disturbing the choice may be made to fade to black or continue the rp in a private forum or pms
Smile (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The storms were massive above the surface of the ocean's water. Thick black clouds engulfed the skies and poured rain upon the waves through merciless gusts of wind. High walls of pitch black waves crashed down to create new ones and foamed excessively. Every now and then the heavens were lit by branches of lightning and accompanied by loud, earth trembling thunder.

Smile struggled to swim through the storm. She only needed to surface for air every 10 minutes, but the current was strong and she was quickly disorientated as it swept her away. The fierce lashing of her tail was no good to get through the water and even though she never stopped fighting it, she was forced towards the small island on the storm's path, emitting terrible cries which were drowned out by the thunder.

She washed ashore while the storm still raged. The dark beach was lined with the beginnings of a thick forest and to one side a huge wall of rocks and stone. As the wind beat against her tall form, she half-dragged herself to a small opening in the stone wall to seek shelter. The cold and wetness didn't bother her, it was comfortable even, but her yellow eyes gazed out to the ocean in fright. Unsure where she was and what was going to happen next, she barely slept. The few moments where she did slip into a sleep were restless and anything but refreshing.

During the course of the night the storm slowly settled and soon the sun peeked over the horizon, announcing a new day.
Isabel Draca (played by Ms_Draca)

A two foot lizard crawls out from a gap in the stones and begins to crawl up the wall slowly, claws scraping against rock as she climbed. As the sun rises the reptile pauses to bask in its warmth. The creature's blue scales shimmer oddly in the light, making her stand out more boldly against the dark stone wall she's perched on. Isabel blinks her pale blue eyes as she catches the scent of something strange in near by. The lizard's scales shine like oil as she excretes more poisonous mucus out over her body then climbs faster and higher up the wall.

(The mucus can paralyze a creature's whole body if it enters that body through the mouth, a wound, ect. Skin contact would burn and numb the part of whoever touched the mucus. Washing is required to stop the burning and the numbness goes away after an hour).

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