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I know a lot of people chose to organize their PM rp according to how often they expect to respond to them, but personally I have been doing it according to title, as in which prompt title is running. Sometimes I am able to read a response but not able to actually reply right away. After that initial tap, the undead status disappears and I'm left with only my memory to bring me back to that rp.

I was wondering if there was a way we could introduce an option where instead of just unread messages alerting us to their existence, that perhaps unreplied to pms could be an option. I mean I see some difficulty with this, but if pms were able to be classified as IC and OOC and only the IC ones would alert you maybe that would help? Also some settings for this option would be helpful too.

Really it just boils down to another fail safe to help prevent me from forgetting or overlooking an rp that I assume I am waiting on a response for when in actuality, I sleep read the dang thing and 3 days later went back to look.

Just an idea, sorry if it's been suggested before.

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I like this idea too. I'm super forgetful, and I feel terrible when a rp slips my mind.
I always mark an RP as unread until I have time to respond, but I can see the benefit of, like, a PM "to do" sort of thing.
I mark things as unread until I respond to them too, but it took me sooo long to realize that that was a helpful thing to do. And even still, I forget sometimes, especially if I'm interrupted in the middle of reading someone's response. But yeah -- marking things as unread -- it's a really good tool. I don't think I've forgotten something's waiting since I've been doing that. Maybe once or twice. But usually it takes care of that if I remember to do it.

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