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Forums » Help » adopting a forum thread into a group?

So, I dunno if this is possible, but,

I have an existing RP thread in the forums and also made a group some time ago. If all existing members in that RP are in the group, and everyone has permission or whatever, is it at all possible to 'adopt' a forum thread into a group? So that it would appear in the group forum and stuff?

Let me know~
If you own the story and you need to move the forum thread into a group (or even from one group to another group) you need to send a mail to Kim

She can do this and she is super helpful.

I have asked this a few times and it worked great every time. You don't need permission so long you are the owner/OP

Original poster - first person who starts the story and manages it

You are on: Forums » Help » adopting a forum thread into a group?

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