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wBMtfLT.jpgSo I'm scrolling through Pinterest in sick-bay after getting kicked in the head by my friend in an "authentic" demonstration of kung fu and I find the BEST faceclaim for my character I have yet found, ever. But the thing is, I can't find out who it is, so I can't find any more pictures of this guy to use as additional faceclaims.

That was weeks ago. I am frustrated, I am annoyed, and I am also happy that my friend didn't post that video of me getting kicked in the head online. Quality maid-of-honor material, seriously.

I have used reverse image search (google), and the only result I got was "nude photography". I guess it kind of is?? I mean he's nude from shoulders up, from what I can see.

Honestly I don't have a reward for the person who does find out who this is - I literally have no (useful) skills but I guess I'm available to beta your character sheets and offer advice and constructive criticism!
lucky blue smith! i think.

edit: or joshua berring. honestly they look the exact same.


Pretty sure Joshua Berring is our guy!

Seriously can't thank you enough - you need anything done, DM me! Tell me how I can help!

❤❤❤ ILY!!! ❤❤❤

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