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Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

In the cold reaches of Skyrim, the Nightgate stands alone in the frozen wastes, a temporary home to travelers, thieves, and assassins alike. You arrive in the perpetual cold, sometime after the deaths of Miraak near Solstheim, Lord Harkon at Volkihar Keep, and Alduin in Sovngarde. You notice many characters in the inn, from the shady Argonian in the back to the Breton sweeping the floors. Even the Nordic bartender has something about him. Welcome to the Nightgate Inn, traveler.

(A renewed resting forum from 2017 that I had to get back up and running; enjoy.)
Tony (played by StereotypeAgain)

He was sitting in the corner of the inn, sipping from a glass of clear liquid, either some kind of alcohol or just water. He had a book written in a foreign language propped up in front of him, and he was copying down certain parts of said book into a small notebook that he usually carried around in his pocket.
((oh wow long time no see... I shall partake in the relaunch if you'd have me))
Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

((Of course, old friend; all are welcome!))

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