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TIP to succeed:

1. First walk through the map until you locate the room that has the cannon

2. Then retrace your steps back to the entrance and collect / bring the weapon along with you.

Because you have already walked the path, you know where the ghosts, snakes, blops and holes are, it is less likely you loose the weapon/loot along the way.

Bit of wisdom: Sometimes you have to slow down to gain more ground [From Sword of Truth: Zeddicus Zul Zorander ]

(tried and tested 25 wins so far)

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TIP to succeed:

Don't forget to use the magnet to keep ahold of the weapon / loot
Remember: Whilst very similar, the layout of this game changes every time you reload the game.

Fortunately, this is not a time-based game, so don't rush it, focus on learning the correct path for each round you play
Tip: You can use bouncy balls to kill beetles and you can force blue beetles to suicide by scaring them into holes/off the map.

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