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In this role play i'm looking for romance, action and adventure, and of course fantasy. Magic and creatures other than humans are welcome.

-In the Black Mamba Kingdom, an evil force as taken over the throne. The evil force seeks to drive out light from the kingdom, through {the royal family}, to gain full control. A woman named Aphrodite and (your character]) come together in hopes of saving the dying kingdom from the hands of this evil force, but it wont be easy. They need to escape the Kingdom to find help, but what they found feeling outlawed greatly by the evil spirit who will not rest until light is will the story play out?
Find out by joining-
Characters needed, at least 5 to start. {Aphrodite ~ me of course} {Aphrodite's love interest ~ } {Evil Spirit ~ } {King ~ } {Queen ~ } {Main night ~ } Other roles can be requested :)
This is not the appropriate forum for posting this - you need to post in the Looking for RP forum. This forum was made for RP which already have characters to be played.

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