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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

The Forgotten shore is under attack by something dark and mysterious! Will you be the one to save it from extinction?
It's been over a millennium since the goddess Vayreen fell from the heavens and was imprisoned in what is now called the void lands but now her seal has weakened and her magic is now seeping through the cracks at an alarming rate creating monstrosities the likes of which no one has ever seen. As a hero who has been tasked by the goddess of light Reyna, you must gather the strongest heroes the world has to offer and march into the void lands to stop her before its too late!

The Forgotten shore is a project I am currently working on so please forgive the profile as its constantly under construction, I am currently looking for anyone and anyone who is interested in roleplaying within this universe. The genres I am going for are Romance, Fantasy and Action, The main character's that I will be roleplaying primarily as are the mercenaries of Eclipse. Although all other people on the roster can be played as well.

Now I prefer detail when it comes to roleplay so please before you even Pm me make sure you are able to provide and are okay with the following requirements.
    1. The ability to post at least 2 Paragraphs minimum per post.
    2. Are okay with mature Rp genres like Erp, Murder, Death, Gore, etc. (None of these will affect your characters unless wanted)
    3. Have the patience to work with me on making this world a reality, Everything in it is a work in progress and won't be finished anytime soon. Don't come expecting a finished product.
    4. The ability to help out and provide story ideas, Characters, and plots of your own.
    5. People who want to have their characters apart of a worlds history.

If you are Interested and are able to provide the requirements presented above Pm me or leave a comment.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

I'm game
The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

Please Pm me :)
The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

Bump added new people to the roster, In addition to new information.
The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

Still looking
Sarena (played by Cherry_Red)

Could I use Sarena?
The Forgotten Shore (played by Lady-Angiris)

Yup everyone and mostly anything is welcome.

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