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MadRatBird Moderator

I'm in need of a new computer since this one's crapping itself, so I'm opening commissions and offering a sale for the kind of... heavily stylized, er, style.

Regular Commission Info:


Sale Art (Heavily Stylized) Prices:
  • $30 for one character!
  • $50 for two in a single image!
  • $70 for three in a single image!

If you buy multiple single-character images, they'll be knocked down to $25 rather than $30 a pop. Doesn't matter how many you get.

Complicated characters may call for a small additional fee, but not much. Because of the simplistic nature of the commission, some details might not translate exactly like it would with my full blown images. (Examples located HERE.)


(These are adopts, all are sold but the middle girl, who is $20.)

Pay What You Want

This one's pretty easy! Gimme a character, a mood or expression you want, whether SFW or NSFW (and if SFW I'll need an outfit), and I draw what I feel works for the prompt you gave me and the budget you have. These range from doodles to sketches to colored images depending on price range. Sometimes I can get carried away if I enjoy the character a lot, too. :)

I get some artistic freedom and you get to spend as much or as little as you want without having to feel like you're shorting me or hurting your wallet. Win/win!

Leave your email so that I can invoice you, and be sure to let me know what kind of commission you're wanting and fill out the form if you don't mind! If you're going for the PWYW, let me know what your budget is so I can invoice the proper amount! Form isn't necessary for PWYW but it's nice.

Click Here for the Form

Commission Type:
Character Name:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:
Tattoos, Piercings, etc.:
Hair Color and style:
Clothes and accessories:
References: (clothes, pose, faceclaim, etc)
Extra: (Anything you feel the need to add? Put it here!)

I'll add more images as I finish them! For examples of my art, here are some links:

dA (old, don't post art there after some theft)
Patreon (has some NSFW stuff on it for patrons, but otherwise is fine to browse as a non-patron!)

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MadRatBird Moderator


EDIT: Sold
MadRatBird Moderator

Bumping. :>

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