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I'm doing this because I'm broke as hecc-

Here is a more in-depth run down for commissions. Contains paid to use, custom designs, and Off-RPR HTML and CSS.

I'm currently trying to raise a large amount of money to be able to afford a new graphics tablet, as my old one is no longer able to produce what I need it to. While I am unable to produce artwork for people, my dad came up with idea of offering up "coding services" to people who may need/want them! So... I'm following his advice, and that's exactly what I'm going to do even if it backfires on me horribly!

Payments will only be eligible to be completed through PayPal or Ko-Fi Or you could just support me through Ko-Fi if you'd like. Anything is appreciated...

Once a template is made specifically for someone, they are free to use that template for whatever character they wish. I will not delete, un-share nor edit the template following that.

Base payments are to be made up-front, and will be non-returnable. Any extra additions (such as image payments, font payments, etc) will be added up as requested, and asked to pay for once the template is complete.

If for whatever reason I am unable to finish your template, refunds/lower prices are as follows:
Base payments are non-refundable. Therefore that will not be given back.
Extra payments requested such as extra images and fonts will only be refunded if they aren't implemented. So if you requested 4 images to be added and I have only been able to implement 2 of the four, two image prices will be taken off of the price needed to be payed.

Payments done by Ko-Fi need log-in PROOF, or, if you do not wish to create a log-in, need step by step proof and time confirmation to ensure that you have paid. Creating an account ensures that I can be certain it's you, as well as gives you access to supporting other creators just as easily.


Sooo... yeh.



PM me, I suppose.

Thanks dad for overcomplicating the commission details. lol

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