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So, I'm not entirely sure what is going on in the situation, but one of my friend's, Red, is doing an rp with a mutual friend of ours, Mia. So Red just told me that Mia is incredibly attached to the rp, to a ridiculous degree, like, Red had told me before that Mia had to take a break form the rp cause the drama in it was causing them too much irl stress.

Red just told me, that apparently Mia's having suicidal thoughts now because of how attached they are to the rp. I told Red to make Mia take a break from the rp cause, this isn't normal. Does anyone else here have any advice I could give to Red, or that Red could relay to Mia to help things out?
First off, make sure you have both sides of the story. There may be more going on on Mia's side of things than Red is aware of.

If Mia is truly having suicidal thoughts, regardless of why, they need help. Look up the suicide hotline for where you live, refer them to a mental health professional if they can afford one, and make sure they aren't in danger. Research how to help someone who's feeling suicidal. Above all, take the situation very seriously.
Alright, thanks for the advice!

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