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The group is based on the lore from World of Darkness, my friend and I have been tirelessly working on it, given how in-depth this lore is and how big the universe alone is. Of course, we made it so whoever is not familiar with the World of Darkness universe can browse through the group and learn about the races and factions they choose. We have the introduction and rules tab open and as we speak, another tab with more information will be open to the public today. We have different vampire clans and werewolf tribes, information about them. We also will be using character sheets, everything is explained. Kind of like the old pen-and-paper games, but there have been many adjustments and some minor changes. Also, if you played Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and you're a fan, I'd be happy to tell you that it the plot is happening in modern day LA, with same locations. The applications are not yet open, but you're free to browse through the group and create your own character and have it ready until then.

The goal of the group is to offer a friendly environment for the lovers of darkness and plenty of challenges for writers to face which will make an experience for both the writers and their characters (Just a note, it's for mature audiences only). And my goal as an admin is to be friendly and open, if you have hundred questions to ask me about the group and lore, please do not hesitate! If you're interested about the group, shoot me a message, I will make time for you to the best of my ability!

I wanted to ask if there's anyone who's familiar with Mage: the Awakening and Hunter: the Reckoning lore? If there is, please send me a DM! The group could use some help on these two fields, given that my friend Waldo is the werewolf master and I'm pretty much busy with vampires and the rest of the group stuff. Any contribution to the group would be appreciated!

Given that there's more to show from the group, I figured sharing the link would be necessary ^_^ Anyone's welcome to check!

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