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Saige (played by Sage)

Even to this day, at the ripe old age of 20, I'm still in love with the Warriors series. While I have not read all of the books (not even close), I still feel as attached to the series as I was when I was a pre-teen.

LOOKING FOR: If anyone is interested in creating some fan-made (aka "you-and-I-made") Warriors characters, lore - basically an entire Warriors universe - please PM me! As a disclaimer, I understand that this message may not be the most attractive thing you have ever seen (and my vocabulary and grammar are failing me today due to insomnia), but I promise you that if you are also a fan of this beloved series of books, we can both make it each other's while. (:

PLANNING: We can plan any if not all of the following:

- Characters (extensive profiles included)

- Lore

- The territory(s)

- Possibly a future RP

NOTE: I am only comfortable doing one-on-one roleplays, if is all the same to you. Also, as an fyi, this thread will always be open and I will always actively be checking in on it every so often for comments!


- The characters/RP/etc. must be PG13 or 16+; no 18+ content will be tolerated whatsoever!

- Please, please do not think of this as some school project. XD I personally view it as a fun little pet project and I hope you will as well!

- No one-liners, terrible grammar, etc. etc. You know, all the standard RP rules (which also apply to everything covered in this "proposition")

- Have fun! If you find yourself lacking interest later down the line, simply inform me and I promise I won't be offended! :3

A little bit of post editing here. Yes, I recognize that this thread is absolutely horrendous-looking, but I promise to you and myself that I shall tidy it up bit by bit as time goes on!

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Saige (played by Sage)

EDIT: Please reply to "Sage" under "Saige"; made a rookie mistake there. X3
sent you a PM!
SilverFang (played anonymously)

I’m down for this!

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