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Artis Konrad (played by Aceranther)

(Click here for the basic idea of the RP. I would hope you use the layout I use. If not, no worries, I'll just start a new one that's normal if people want it.)

-Be me Artis, a ship engineer for the stern of the "Odyssey".
-Be not me, a gunner from the Bow of the ship.
-Saying something about Giant Rats in the walls.
-MFW they tell me to go clear them out.
-Goes back to my quaters in the bowls of the ship.
-Find the basic pistol, lunch, flashlight and engineering tool.
-We'll be having rat stew today.
Mildew Tetrii (played anonymously)

-Be me, Mildew, a cyborg, and the only janitor assigned to this awful sector in the "Odyssey".
-Be anyone but me.
-Don't seem to listen when I tell them to clean up after themselves.
-"You'll just do it so what's the point?"
-Eavesdrop as they complain about giant rats in the ship behind my back.
-Send someone else to clean em out before I can say "I told you so".
-Yeah right.
-Grab rat poison and an electro-zapper from my quarters (aka The Supply Closet).
-Enter walls, find guy they sent to get rid of the rats.
-What do you expect to accomplish with a basic pistol??

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