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Nerco (played by dantefrancis)

I was in the armour,loading up any guns I could find,before my Titan,Monarch,said,"Nerco,The captain need you."While I didn't feel like going,I had to.But I didn't feel like it.I would continue loading grenades in a Sidewinder.Then my titan spoke,"If yu don't come up,he's going to send a Pilot for you.Then their was a rocking in the ship.I thought it was something fell of,due to the ship age.Until the alarms starting blaring,as the captain pretty much said,' We are going to crash.'I would quickly load my grenades,arc stars,and as a side weapon,an RE-45 Autopistol.I would then grab an weapon I could carry, as my Titan walk up,and opened the cockpit,I would enter as the ship started to rip itself a part.Next thing I knew,I was in a building.
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I stepped back to admire my handiwork and dropped the can of spray paint. "Lookin good there FL.", I chuckled.
My Legion class tian, FL-328, stared at its self through the onboard camera feed and agreed.

"It certainly fits our job description."

It's deep bass voice slightly shook the nearby work benches sending a few tools to the ground. I watch the nearby Marvin go to pick it up before turning back to admire my paint job once again. The radio in my helmet gives a quick beep before the comms channel opened and one for the boys on deck.

"Hey Crader, cap's startin to bug out, mind go fetching your associate?"

Rolling my eyes I replied in the affirmative and cut the link. After a quick clean up I got ready to go a huntin when the ship shuddered. Another followed shortly by the alarm klaxons and warning lights. The shaking steadily increased in violence forcing me to throw out my grappling hook in order to board FL. "Heading for hangar bay 3, the ship is currently on an unavoidable crash course. Attempting to gain access to Titan drop pods." FL's voice accompanied by several alarms filled the cockpit when suddenly, I was in a bathroom I was unfamiliar with.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"Okay,self-check,arms and legs still on,gun still working,oh Monarch you still functioning?"I said in the cockpit ."Affirmative...",Monarch said.I would open the cockpit,and see that there was clearly a war going on,but hey,I needed to find another pilot."Pilot,I'm picking up on another titan siginature a few clicks from here,the Titan said as she was getting up.""Good then we start from there."I would jump on the top of my titan as it jumped off the building,and we started heading to the location of the other pilot.

After a while,we would reached the location of the Titan,who was in a building."Think you can give me a boost?"I said to Monarch as she already gotten the memo.I would jump in my Titan's hand,and she would through me like a fastball.As I was thrown,a missile hit Monarch,would took out her chain gun and started shooting at what looked like robots?I would waste no yime as I went to the Legion and said,"You guys okay?"
"Crader, I am picking up multiple heat and energy signatures exceeding safe limits. Extrapolation, we appear to be in a war zone."

The familiar sounds of gun fire, explosions and death infiltrated the shelled building we found ourselves in. Hitting the emergency switch I tumbled out of the cockpit to the floor, removed my helm, and instantly vomited. Gods do I hate teleporting. After cleaning up I readjusted my helmet and looked around. Sections of the multi story building had collapsed into rubble and from it I could see...Robots. Not like titans and a little bit taller, but they were unmistakenly metal. Beams of light, combustion weapons and heavy munitions filled the air between the metal men. They fell in droves only to be replaced by their comrades.

"Incoming friendly IFF signatures. Alert, friendly titan is taking fire."

A voice called out from above, catching my attention.

"Yeah, but if we stick around here any longer we won't be. We need to get your Titan and get find some place not as active as here!" I jumped back into FL and assumed direct control. "Hop on!" I called out as we began to move to our Metal friend's IFF tag.

Outside a group of the Metallic menace were taking potshots at the Monarch, obviously an older model of Transformer, and were lining up a shot to it's AI core... When a hot pink Legion Titan with a circus monkey throwing a temper tantrum on the front exploded from the 5th story of a nearby abandoned factory.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"Alright!"I would hop on top of the titan,as we got out the building.I would that they are lining the kill shot,and the Legion would run towards them.I would take out my sidewinder,and shoot at the legs,which effectively works."Alrightwe got my Titan,now whre in the hell are we going to get somewhere calm?!"I said,while I get in the cockpit,taking control.Then he realized something,ther's an area where the on with blue eyes are overwhelm,if we help them,they coul could get us out of here."
"Alright then, lead the way and I will keep our asses covered!"

Grabbing the controls and letting the Neural uplink take over, FL and I spun up our Modified chain gun and began to laugh as the deadly rounds passed through the electric accelerator. The incoming hostiles took cover when two of their commrades were reduced into metal scrap and futilely fired aginst my weapons energy shield as I backed away.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Nerco and his titan would run, giving support fire through the chaingun.He also gave the legion a shield every now and then.He would see a group of the blue eyed one being overwhelmed by the others.He would shoot at them before using the Upgrade Core,to give his Chaingun arc rounds.He would help the othesr go in base."Come on let's go!"
Fire, fall back and repeat. It was taking forever to reach the designated area, but the unknown enemies kept coming. Laser blasts, plasma bolts, explosive ordinance; whatever we had fallen into it was huge. But we are pilots and we don't shy away from battle. Thank goodness for the Monarch though, the added upgrade increased the ease at which I turned the smaller robots into slag. Then the big ones showed up, bearing a purple crest on their chests. The world spun as FL and I were knocked aside by a sneak attack from a cloaked bot. Our hands grasped around in search of our chaingun. A Metal foot pins the arm to the ground and a gun is leveled at the cock pit.

"I don't know who you are, but you are coming with us." it rasped in an electronic voice.

Yeah, no. Fl's left shoulder sprang up and released a burst of 20mm micro missile's into it's smug face.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

After getting the red robots to the location,Nerco would shout,"Come on!"He would give cover fire, helping them but time and halt the attack.He knew that they where in a war,but that didn't stop him from doing the right thing.He would launch a bunch of salvos, blowing them up.
"Pilot, 5 10 split."

Craden disengaged out of the top hatch ,after grabbing his trusty Sidewinder. and with a thought fired his grappling hook. With a swing and a burst of rocket's he landed atop the monarch. "Well if it aint my two favorite support's. Since you two have been such darlings allow me to support you. With a flick of his wrist he grabbed the emergency A-Wall and activated it.
"Shoot through the Wall!" He yelled at their current allies before opening up in a destructive burst. The remaining enemy unit's were easy pickings after that. The combined fire of the group plus the now re armed Legion having beat them into submission. And finally all was relatively quiet.
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

When the enemy started retreating,Nerco didn't stop the destruction as he opened the cockpit,and grabbed his Sidewinder,letting loose a bunch of rockets at a rapid rate.He would do anything it takes to win,you name it."Nerco,the threats are out of the area."Necro would let the grenade down before saying."Still got the guns?"Monarch datacore nodded and he gave a thumbs up.He proceed to walk to the pilot beofre saying."Let me guess,your one of the survivors?"
Craden laughs heartily while removing his helmet and exposing his cybernetically enhanced face. "FL and I don't survivr we dominate! But yes we came from the ship. Cap sent me down to find a wayward pilot and the next thing I know we are here. Name is Craden by the way and that over there is FL-328." Said Titan was currently punching a hole through the chest of one of the defeated robots.

=Pilot, none of the enemy has pilots. They are all completely automated in nature. Also, greetings pilot, Monarch.=
Nerco (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Nerco nodded,and said,"I'm Nerco and this right here is Monarch."Monarch nodded and said,"We should find somewhere for cover."What about them?"Monarch would look at the ones with red lines,and simply shrugged."Doesn't this you remind of the war of the Frontier.""Yeah,it does...which is why I already decide to help them out."He looked looked at Craden and said,"You in?"

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